Campfire Friendship



It's in the quiet evening
when leaving the bonfire,
on a cold, long walk home -
where having someone close
is a blessing.


There's a wind in the trees
that makes the leaves rustle,
like the quiet trickle of water
through rocks in a creek -
our eyes watching as we walk, the ground.


But its the walk with the friend
that matters the most -
someone that knows you well, and still
someone that cares.


It's in the quiet of the night,
among silent, sleeping campers
all in their tents, when you realize just
how wonderful she is;
and perhaps more what it means,
to love another well.


Away fear; and silence, folly!
For I have chosen a pure heart
and I will love her well.

Ah! If I could learn this,
and yes I will,
the art of true love.



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