Gwynfor and Gwendolyn were much in love.

He would make a lovespoon for her as a gift;

And tied about the handle a blue satin ribbon.

Interwoven in the entwind woodwork their love.

Many a treasure did Gwynfor bring ; to see her eyes lift.

Scented combes, mirrors, pomades; what a vision -

The fair maid Gwendolyn made, as white as a dove.

With honeyed locks and green eyes; I am smitten.

Skin so smooth and pale and long slender neck.

Gwynfor had met Gwendolyn a few times before at the cove.

As she breathed the morning sea air, her bossom had rissen.

Whilst her hair caught up at the nape of her neck.

Gwynfor had kissed Gwendolyn's long slender fingers.

Caressed her cheek, traced the contours of her face.

Nestled at her neck and at her mouth he did linger.

And plant a fervered kiss upon her full lips.

Gwendolyn wearing fine garments, with edged gown.

Catching his breath Gwynfor did watch her swaying hips.

With proud Royal bearing soon to wear a crown.


Anita Griffiths


Author's Notes/Comments: 


Some Welsh historical romance.

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Beautiful, unique, and eye

Beautiful, unique, and eye catching! It made me smile!