Equilibrium of Mind

Mental Health


An emotional floodtide overwhelmed me, black and translucent, steathily and stiflingly, moving, creeping and greater stealth still; as a Tiger, beginning to pounce: I looked at the hex symbol, with the smell of bile pervading the room. As my stomach turned and a bitter taste rose: whilst my mind whirled and went numb.

Like a tasteless and odourless gas: it crept upon all ages and generations, to be swept into its black void.

With no will of their own, all were soon to be overcome.

As my mind saw it: in the deadness of an infected and diseased mind. Feeling so despondant about my state of mind, I wondered how to think positive again.


My controlled mind, synchronized, in its defense; with the image of a white cat at ease in the afternoon sunshine.

Whilst a wind chime; in the symbol of the Sun, broke the heat and silence of the afternoon, as the wind began to stir.

A poignant smell of herbs and fruits, natural healers; came to me. I immediately felt calmer and to combat the negative emotions: a watershed occured; from that moment on, when wretched thoughts and voices arise, I shall reporgrame my brain with these positive images.

Making this a lifelong practise with the living particles of my mind.


Anita Griffiths




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DaddyO's picture

The brain

I love poems like this that demonstrate the way our brains are feeling.  Our brains are supposedly thinking but if this poem is any indication. Our brains are feeling too. Good descriptive and provocative imagery. 

poetic-cosmo's picture

Good stuff

Love it!! U really have a way with words! 


a.griffiths57's picture

Thank you poetic-cosmo for

Thank you poetic-cosmo for your time and appreciation of my poem Equilibrium of Mind. It is great to receive such positive comments such as your.