Together we will make the talent show a success.

Lots to co-ordinate: so there is no mess.

We are all so happy today - let go of your distress.

To see all the plans combine to create a production of finese.

A wonderful time will be had by all.

To hear the competitors sing will be a ball.

Rapturous applause for each act; while loudly we call.

Many other artistic endeavours to be viewed perhaps, in the hall.

Singers,musicians, comics, poets and painters.

All expressing via artful skills; mental health has no barriers.

For mental health has affected many lives; when all we desire is to be healthier.

It is good to participate in MHM talent show where the audience couldn't be friendlier.

The audience participation is a guarantee.

Singing along with the acts and applauding too; brings much glee.

Throughout the day so much more to see.

At our MHM talent show Bee.

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We're going somewhere - getting places.

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Diamond_Wills_New_War's picture

Sounds like happenin' place

Sounds like happenin' place to be, I bet the smiles and laughter were over flowing.

Long days and pleasant nights


a.griffiths57's picture


Thanks Diamond. We'll have a great time laughs all the way.