all her candles

Hyacinth garden








the rain slowly drips down


down glass, steel and stone


in the big heartless city


neon tinted shadows send cryptic


although a masquerade is read


read by her own lips alone




presume all pleasure


is in a ritual called deception


a lie the hallowed have concealed


behind a mask that she wears


she smiles hiding


hiding the tears




they taste of salty desire


perfect in position


sliding down


dripping down


as if written in flagrant text


asking mysterious questions
that chafe within the indescribable words




grey persists all day and into the long night


dreams develop in syllables


until, love disappears


love is without light




now taut anxiety


escapes over the walls of abandon


in her lonely imagination she travels home


as she beds emptiness


where all her candles extinguish




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eternitywhispers's picture

This is woahhhh. Powerful,

This is woahhhh. Powerful, strong and intense. I love the last line, it gives that final blow to the whole picture. I couldn't visualize the poem because it just isin't supposed to be visualized, it's supposed to be felt. no pictures, just feelings and instincts. your flow is absolutely mind-captivating. this has blown me away, and i think i'll keep coming back to this poem because its beyond my capability to understand such a masterpiece.

nightlight1220's picture

Totally beautiful imagery of

Totally beautiful imagery of the proverbial "calamity jane" type woman. The "damsel in distress", the epitome of what every wannabe "hero" has a keen eye for. The "temptation of a man's ego to dominate over".... love the sly coo of your I always do.. *smile*  


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


bishu's picture

Someday I hope to visit your Hyacinth Garden Respected Mr 9inety

Someday I hope to visit your Hyacinth Garden Respected Mr 9inety.Maybe in 2031.Your posts are becoming more n more interesting.But somehow I expect some Big Bang from you since your mastery of words,language is excellent(my humble view) Your moony writes are indeed enticing.Merry Chrissy Sir from a visitor from a bog.



Poetic_Eyes's picture


hi. i liked yoiur poem. it had emotion, images, and you expressed your talent as a writer. 

a.griffiths57's picture

    Powerful poetry evoking



Powerful poetry evoking strong images. Love this poem. The poem is a good read and well and pointedly written; love your choice of words and descriptive quality.

allets's picture

Surreal elements caused me to

Surreal elements caused me to drift into the half-dream state reading this poem. Enjoyed tremendously. Your work has evolved so much. It is rich and image full, with new connections and different ways of seeing. Nice ~Lady A