Everywhere to Me

Verse 1:
Days go by

Without a shiver

A shiver in this cold heart

That you miracously warmed.


Of the same heart,

We're incomparable with each other.

All we gotta do is

Let it go.


Verse 2:
This hugged heart

Meltas away like ice.

The warmth I feel

Since I missed your heart


Brings us back

To our love for romance

Tell me if we're better off friends

Or if we're just lovers


The space between you and me

Is more than I can tolerate.
'Cause you are everywhere to me.

This heart that you warmed:
Bring me to life.

Bring me back to our paradise.

'Cause your eyes are my paradise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the 50+ songs I wrote back in 2014. Sample demos of some of these songs are up at - https://www.bandlab.com/stephoni

Let me know your thoughts, criticisms on the sample demos and/or lyrics.