Speed of Light

Running at the speed of light (You're the One for Me) 
Awaiting you call, I walked and carried along 
As If I were invincible: Doing all that is possible 
Through God: Our faith in him bonds us together 

Just take me home (take me home) 
'Cause I'm always there for you (always there for you) 
Through many trails and tribulations, you break (break and fall apart) 
Won't you take me home at the speed of light? (At the speed of light) 

'Cause I can fix you (fix you) 
Call me: I'm there for you (there for you) 
At the speed of light (at the speed of light) 
Just take me home (take me home) 

All the lights and sounds that I'm chasing (that I'm chasing) 
Turning to take a step, we wished upon a shooting star (wished upon a shooting star) 

Make your wish, I'll make mine's (I'll make mine's) 
I am calling, waiting, and holding onto our platinum bond (our platinum bond) 
Suddenly, I began to hear your voice calling out my name (calling out my name) 
Ships and stars await us at the speed of light (at the speed of light)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014 inspired by "Everlasting Scene" by OCEANLANE (they're now disbanded since 2012).