Better Together Part 2

Verse 1: I won't spend another night alone

                'Cause babe,  we're better together. 

                You gotta know,  we're better together

                Is it yesterday or just a dream? 


Chorus: Were we just lost in each other' 's eyes? 

               The air has turned electric. 

                One step too far, 

                I'm coming undone. 


Verse 2: With your cold,  stoic,  duct tape heart

                You fall faster than a shooting star. 

                There's a fire burning in the city tonight. 

                Can't breathe, can't sleep, can't move on


Bridge: 'Cause your spirit is right next to me, 

               You're still the one that I think of. 

               No matter how sad or lonely it makes me, 

               I can only pray for your happiness. 


Last-Chorus: Now, we're in your room. 

                        There is no denying

                        Our love and feelings for each other. 

                        'Cause babe,  we belong together. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write the song:

1) "You're My Melody"  - Dong Bang Shin Gi

2) "Fall" - Over It

3) "Better Together" - se7en 

4) "The Best Mistake I've Ever Made" - Joanna Wang

5) "Why Did I Fall in Love With You"  - Tohoshinki 

6) "Twenty Heartbeats" - Alex Kaneko

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billions of love poems... yet yours is unique




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Thanks, I read your comment.

Thanks, I read your comment. I take my relationships seriously so, my views on love doesn't quite fit society's expectations/realities... I'm an INTJ female and an Aquarius so, love is the least underdeveloped feeling /emotion for me but I feel it deeply and intensely... Hope that makes sense. 

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Ill bite.

What is a INT J female ?


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An INTJ is your result when

An INTJ is your result when you take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test. Since I'm female, I am a female INTJ (0.8% of the world population). Go to to find out more about INTJ. It's going to be a long post trying to explain what an INTJ female is. 

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U should write a poem about it just the highlights

Edutainment rocks!

Lady A