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Better Together Part 2

Verse 1: I won't spend another night alone

                'Cause babe,  we're better together. 

                You gotta know,  we're better together

                Is it yesterday or just a dream? 


Chorus: Were we just lost in each other' 's eyes? 

               The air has turned electric. 

                One step too far, 

                I'm coming undone. 


Verse 2: With your cold,  stoic,  duct tape heart

                You fall faster than a shooting star. 

                There's a fire burning in the city tonight. 

                Can't breathe, can't sleep, can't move on


Bridge: 'Cause your spirit is right next to me, 

               You're still the one that I think of. 

               No matter how sad or lonely it makes me, 

               I can only pray for your happiness. 


Last-Chorus: Now, we're in your room. 

                        There is no denying

                        Our love and feelings for each other. 

                        'Cause babe,  we belong together. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write the song:

1) "You're My Melody"  - Dong Bang Shin Gi

2) "Fall" - Over It

3) "Better Together" - se7en 

4) "The Best Mistake I've Ever Made" - Joanna Wang

5) "Why Did I Fall in Love With You"  - Tohoshinki 

6) "Twenty Heartbeats" - Alex Kaneko


Verse 1: If we say that there is no forever,

             Then tell me where do we go from here?

             What will we end?

             A promise tucked iside my heart,


Chorus: A silent smile, it caught my eye

            As I was about to board the plane

            Turning to take a step and

            I, I, I realize your feelings for me


Verse 2: Let us start from here and begin anew

             Of all the promises that we couldn't seem to keep,

             Mistakes and misundestandings have been tearing us apart from each other.

             Make any one of them and you've lost your way.


Bridge: Let us take a walk away from here

           Since the day you went away,

           Love just doesn't feel the same anymore.

           How I wish I could turn back time


Last-Chorus: All that I can do is just hold on.

                   Be fast, be strong, be a fighter

                   Let's put our minds together:

                  'Cause we're better together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my first love. I don't know if I can ever get over him. I may have moved on but we both have made mistakes and have misunderstood each other at times which caused us to ultimately break up after seven years. Most of my songs are about my relationships and experiences so a lot will be about love (the least developed for me but most important, if that makes sense).

Parking Lot Romance

Verse 1: As the clock strikes,

             I get lost in the seconds

             And the time it takes to grow.

             Believe what you will, my love.


Chorus: Just give me a reason,

            A reason to march on with life.

            As you learn to love again,

            Keep our love alive, awake, and aware.


Verse 2: Another minute until midnight.

             Babe, tell me your secrets,

            I'll tell you mine's.

            'Cause it's safer here.


Bridge: I'm always there for you.

           Won't you take me home

           At the speed of light

           'Cause our safe haven is here.


Last-Chorus: I may be hotter than

                   The chocolate that melts in your hand.

                   Maybe, I'm amazed at the way

                   You heal my heart,mind, soul, and spirit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is based on a situation where my friend's older brother confessed that he likes/loves me in a parking lot at the college we both attend. We then ran into each other a gym years later on my birthday and he still likes/loves me. I suck at romance/relationships so I'm not sure what to do. I have more songs I've written that I haven't posted up yet. More songs up on: http://www.ohtheirony1989.bandcamp.com