When you look around this beautiful world…don’t you find it odd

that every religion has a similar supplication…

even people who don’t believe in God.


A wish, a hope, a thought…a prayer…a feeling we can’t hide

that emerges from within us…

and goes out to anyone who’s died.


Is that because no matter what or who our God…our color…our sex, our name

in the midst of grief and loss…

all sorrow is the same?


I know when I see other people grieving…they feel just like me…

their tears, their moans, their hurt is the same…

though they might express it differently.


We may not understand one another…we come from different faiths…

from different places

but there is no misunderstanding the sadness 

and the grief upon our faces.


As we lay to rest the people killed in the synagogue…

as we mourn a world in disarray

so many people of so many faiths and places 

have prayed for them in their own way.


When you look around this beautiful world…don’t you find it bizarre

that in seeing the way all people grieve…. 


we find how similar we are?


A caravan of immigrants is approaching

from their own countries they are fleeing

and I must admit I am perplexed

by behaviors I am seeing.


I see kind, compassionate and religious people

as this caravan draws near

screaming we don’t want you…

that you’re not welcomed here.


I see it happening in other countries as well

anger stretching across the land

where we would rather keep people out

than lend a helping hand…


And I wonder what is causing this…

this callousness for humankind…

What has happened to our hearts…

to our souls…and to our minds?


When did our world of acceptance and compassion

succumb to hatred and tyranny?

When did fear 

and prejudice 

and bigotry

replace humanity?


What if it was our family in that caravan?

escaping cruelty?

traveling far?

What if they were our sisters and brothers…?



or have we forgotten….that they are?

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There is a ride we all are on…a journey we accept habitually

A ride inherent in our DNA…a journey called…family.


We’re strapped in when we’re born…there are no height and weight restrictions…

Along the way we search for truth…but we don’t mind a little fiction.


The journey can be a comfort…sometimes it can be an ordeal

as it takes us up and down and over and under…through every emotion we can feel.


We experience births and deaths..we weep, we laugh…as we travel around each bend…

We feel sorrow we hope will pass quickly…and joys we wish will never end.


We are elated and we worry…as each peak and valley we try to weather

and we take comfort knowing there is a bond of love the holds us all together.


We never know what emotions we’ll be feeling…as we take this ride day to day…

for this is family journey

This is the journey we’re on…

and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


And we pray for the day the world realizes…

this journey could be so much easier

so much more fun

If we choose to ride together…




as a family of one.



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