words to live by

My Manifesto

Rules to live by – Live, Love, Laugh = LUPA :)


Be ready to answer for yourself always. Only you control you and only you can make or break it.
There are people around us all the time and whether we intend to affect them we do. There are spying eyes and nosey buttinskys and peoples whose ear’s perk up at the mention of anything that can be used against you.


Words can kill – perhaps not literally but they can inspire others to action – sometimes it ends badly. Be mindful of what you say. If you are not in a state to answer for what is said say nothing at all.


Every action has an equal but opposite reaction – we are not alone in this world despite what some might believe. Simple things can make or break our futures, our friendships, our happiness, and our habitat.


Do not drink more than 3 drinks in public ever. Do not drink more than 2 drinks at a work function. Do not drink more than 1 alcoholic beverage if you are driving. Do not drink at all if you are upset, sick, or injured. Alcohol is a depressant and people seem to forget that quite easily until their restraints are forgotten or their memories of the night before are. Either way the consequences are not worth dealing with.


Do not break promises to yourself. Break habits that are bad for you instead. Do not wait for retrospect and clarity to prove that some things are better left unsaid or undone.


Your health cannot be restored. Each day is a new chance to live better and do better. Each failure to do so takes a day off your future. Remember that when you put something in or on your body.


Always be punctual it shows that you value the other persons time. Allow extra time for commute and the unexpected. No excuse is ever good enough and nobody likes to wait. Employers will not tolerate this and friends will not appreciate it. Punctuality is a good indicator of responsibility. Remember you are accountable for yourself always.


Do not worry in retrospect. If you have done something the first thing to do is ensure it will never happen again. Make a promise to yourself and hold yourself accountable.Do not drive yourself into a frenzy over what happened. Plan for damage control and make things right as soon as you can. 


Seek help. If there is a better way and you cannot find it perhaps someone else can guide you. If you can’t hold yourself accountable the buddy system works great. This does not make you weak this makes you smart enough to realize that you can still change and improve.


Sometimes the hardest lesson in life is knowing when to let go. Let go of the hate and your heart will be lighter. Let go of bad influences and your world will be brighter. Let go of habits that will hurt you because pain free is the way to be. Let go of your fear and live each day to its fullest. Let go of debt it will bury you if you let it grow. Let love go the more you try to contain it the more they will retaliate. Let go of pain and vengeance it will only consume you to the point of obsession which is an illness.


Do not answer your cell phone after midnight unless it is a family member or close friend who you suspect is in trouble. Do not answer your cell phone during dinner for the same reasons. Do not choose your phone over present company unless they are of no importance to you. Do not leave your phone on volume so people can disturb your rest. Do not sacrifice your rest for emotional vampires who will drain you. Do not sacrifice your livelihood for those who would not do the same in return. Do not let emotion cloud your better judgment. Do the right thing so long as it does not hurt you, good things will come of this.


Tell the people you appreciate how you feel regularly. Always thank people even for the simplest of gestures they appreciate acknowledgement. Tell your family you love them every day, it means more to them than they will ever tell you.

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Sonnet #1 - Words to live by

Do stop the things you do at this here time
there's something more important you must do
your thoughts on other matters put behind
your thoughts on any matter you must lose

this simple step you must never forget
to breathe so slow and deep your lungs are filled
the earth's fresh air to enter, you must let
for worry, pain and fear to have been killed

Now go speed up your heart in healthy ways
your body young and fresh is best to keep
do savor every moment of your days
and seldom burden yourself with much sleep

Ben Franklin said these words that you must save
there will be enough sleeping in the grave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just getting into poetry and decided to try writing my first sonnet. Fun.