Wandering Through The Desolate Forest.

Stepping over the shallow water,

as it slowly evaporates.

Hearing a deep rumbling sound,

feeling my heart accelerate.

I gaze above as the trees lean in,

trying to tell me something.

as the water bubbles over rocks,

and hummingbirds keep humming.

I wander around as if I knew,

where I am supposed to go.

Yearning to make a connection

with this forest, and to be in the know.

I lay among the tall green grass,

and part the winding vines,

and run with the predators,

while reading my prey's minds.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something short and not so sweet

Dreaming Beauty

Dreaming Beauty
You are so beautiful,
So pure and distinct,
So fiery yet so cold,
So far away yet you feel so close,
Why are you here but not here?
Your warmth reaches me,
Millions of years have passed,
But your passion is seemingly still strong,
I envy your courage, your patience
Your everlasting brilliance of light,
I dream of meeting you,
Of holding you,
Of basking in your natural perfection,
But it is a dream,
Separated forever by time and space,
We have our positions in reality,
I only wish we coincided,
But dreams are my reality,
So together we shall stay,
Your heat keeps me warm,
My life verifies your existence,
Let us dance in the twilight,
To the end of time,
Your shining beauty shall be mine

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Strawberries are very red

And a little of green

But not that close

to the color of bean

When you take a bite,

Of this delightful fruit

You'll just have to

Jump for Joy

You'll be bouncing off the walls

in not ime at all

Doing Back Flips and Hand flips

And front flips too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope u love strawberries as much as me!!!

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