When I was just a little tyke…I imagine around two

My parents told me if I make a wish upon a star…there’s a chance it would come true.


To a child that was magical!  

I didn’t have to travel very far.

All I had to do was close my eyes and take a deep breath to make a wish upon a star.


And I kept my wishes coming…I couldn’t tell you the exact amount

because, as I say, I was a child and I didn’t know how to count.


When I grew a little older (not wanting to grow up too soon)

I thought, why make a wish upon a star…when I can wish upon the moon.


The moon is so much bigger and has a brighter hue.

Surely a wish made upon the moon…is a wish that will come true.


Still not all my wishes were granted…in fact…only a few

and I often wonder what would have happened if all those wishes had come true…


I mean that pet dinosaur I wished for absolutely would have been neat…

But how do you walk a dinosaur…and how much food does a dinosaur eat?


And that fire breathing dragon I wanted…to have…to hold…to keep

would have been great for roasting marshmallows…but where does a dragon sleep?


Still…whether or not they are realized we need wishes…we really do…
because wishes lead to dreams….and dreams sometimes do come true…


So at 67 I’ll continue making wishes…still hoping not to grow up too soon…

little wishes on the stars…and big ones…on the moon.


Knowing I’ll find a leash big enough to walk my dinosaur

even though feeding him wouldn’t be cheap….

and dreaming about eating toasted marshmallows every night

before my dragon and I fall asleep.


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When I look back on my life I think candy, ice cream and toys

were the top three wishes I made when I was but a boy.


When I got a little oder other wishes caught my eye

I wished for friends

I wished for good grades

I wished Grandma didn’t have to die.


Still a little older yet I wished for a car

a job

a wife

I wished for a host of friends and family with whom to share my life.


Now that I am older and most of my wishes have come true

I find the wishes I make are less about me and more about you…

and you…

and you


I wish that every person…everywhere…

felt they had a place where they belong

I wish that every person…everywhere…

could, somehow, get along.


I wish that hunger, hatred, bigotry and wars would today…cease

I wish we all lived in a world that knew 

good health 

and happiness 

and peace.


If these wishes came true…

if everyday the whole world was filled with compassion, 


and joy…

Then I could get back to wishing

for candy

ice cream


and toys.

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She wished that she could be a star...

but her wish was over soon

“Why be a star?” She wondered.

“When she could be the moon?”


But the moon spends all her time in darkness

that wouldn’t be very much fun

so she no longer wanted to be the moon

she’d rather be the sun!


But the sun is bright and hot all the time...

with no air conditioning…so she vowed,

she no longer wanted to be the sun

she would rather be a cloud.


But clouds do not control their flight

as they soar across the sky

then she wondered to herself,

if that’s the reason why clouds cry...


As she stood their wishing she could be

the wind, the flowers or the sea

she thought to herself…how none of these

could ever wish that they were me.


She concluded she must be pretty special,

to be able to dream the way she does

so she made one final wish that night


to be exactly who she was.

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She came from a family of wishers…wishers…every one.

They’d wish every chance they had…on anything under the sun.


She remembers the first one she ever made.

She remembers a big cake on a dish.

There were candles burning when her mom and mad said, “Honey, make a wish!”


She remembers walking with her parents in distances short and far

when they would stop look up at the sky…and make a wish upon a star.


They would make wishes as they blew on dandelions 

and their seeds floated up to the sky.

They would make a wish in on open meadow

and whisper that dream to a butterfly.


They would make wishes on a ray of sunlight

or on the glow of the smallest moonbeam

They would wish on flower petals before sending them downstream.


“Why do we make so many wishes?” She once asked,

one day under a sky so blue.

“Because the more wishes and dreams we make.” her parents said.

“Some of them are bound to come true”.


There are so many wonders in our world…they taught her

Births and flowers, stars and trees

animals, rainbows, clouds floating by

a simple summer breeze.


We know these things are real…we see the clouds

we feel the breezes blow

But at the same time when it comes to life

there is much we do not know.


We do not know why there are births, 

Why there are flowers, stars and trees.

Why there are so many different animals.

Why rainbows, clouds and the breeze?


The things we know and don’t know

Stand at two opposite extremes…..

And somewhere in between them, they’d say…


There’s room for our wishes, our hopes and our dreams.

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We ran across an old movie yesterday…one we hadn’t seen in years

And like all our favorite movies…it offered joy, laughter and tears.


It’s about how life’s an awfully great adventure…It’s about reaching for the sky.

It’s about never growing up..and about a young boy who can fly.


It’s a movie about believing…in what you say and do…

because if you believe hard enough…your wishes will come true.


But in real life we know…wishing doesn't make every dream come true

there’s cancer, Alzheimer's and ALS…just to name a few.


I’ve lost friends and family to all of them…and though I hoped for them to stay…

No matter how I wished and prayed and dreamed…they all died anyway,


But the movie reminds us to never stop believing…in whatever we say and do

Because we never know the moment…when some dream will come true.


There’s a bounty of dreams out there…that we can take under our wing…

For even if we cannot learn to fly…we can still learn how to sing.


That some wishes do come true and some do not…is often difficult to understand…


perhaps the meeting of the two…can be found…in Neverland

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I sometimes wish I was a bird…

that I could flap my wings and fly…

to land among the treetops…

to soar across the sky.


I sometimes wish I had the life…

of a furry river otter,

that I could dive and swim and spin all day…

and play under the water.


I sometimes wish I was an elephant…

that I could understand

what it’s like to have a trunk…

to be the strongest and gentlest in the land.


I sometimes wish I was a dolphin…

oh, the places I would roam

if I could swim like they do…

if the ocean was my home.


So many different animals…

I sometimes wish that I could be…

I wonder…

if any of them…


ever wish that they were me?

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