When I look back on my life I think candy, ice cream and toys

were the top three wishes I made when I was but a boy.


When I got a little oder other wishes caught my eye

I wished for friends

I wished for good grades

I wished Grandma didn’t have to die.


Still a little older yet I wished for a car

a job

a wife

I wished for a host of friends and family with whom to share my life.


Now that I am older and most of my wishes have come true

I find the wishes I make are less about me and more about you…

and you…

and you


I wish that every person…everywhere…

felt they had a place where they belong

I wish that every person…everywhere…

could, somehow, get along.


I wish that hunger, hatred, bigotry and wars would today…cease

I wish we all lived in a world that knew 

good health 

and happiness 

and peace.


If these wishes came true…

if everyday the whole world was filled with compassion, 


and joy…

Then I could get back to wishing

for candy

ice cream


and toys.

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