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Moonlight pours like sweet syrup

over the landscape

on a calm winter's night.


Clinging to all the delicate shapes and forms.


Candied doghouse, crystallized trees.


A love of change that is passed down

through the ages...


so subtle...it's on you, in you, before you know it comes.

You are new all over again...


Pleases me...


Sitting alone under the bright sun,

Was a moment I remember,

sweet birds chirruped around,

church's bell made nostalgic sound,

My fingers plucking the strings of my life,

Was the moment that took all loneliness aside.


Sitting alone on the window of my dorm,

Gazing out at the beautiful mountains,

Was a morning last christmas,

When the peaks looked like golden crowns.

The peace filled tears into my eyes,

Was the morning that took all loneliness aside.


Walking alone on the street,

Under the yellow lamps,

Was a baby girl in front of me,

carrying innoscence, holding hands,

A smile made my muscles free, after long,

Was a baby who took all loneliness aside.


Walking alone in the corridoor,

Looking around at the creative history,

Those beautiful minds, mad for the next,

Entangled in the joy, of sharing the mystery.

Rooted in me, that night, a seed of confidence,

Was the corridor that took all loneliness aside.


Memories many more,

Melancholic to express,

Like rays from a hidden door,

Filled in life, in loneliness.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even the deepest pain is the strongest joy. PERCEPTION


Into the light, the darkness seeks its reemergence
Its shallow platitudes, its pillows of soaked memories
Dim eyes of pain, swallow crystals of sighs
Dawn is inhospitable, as its fractured jaws takes a sleepy bite


While it was love that harassed your dreams
Now its daylight, splitting its veins
Onto  your sweaty forehead
Its gasping, dirty breath

Flickering moments you had subdued in your palms
Like a rainbows of uncertainties'  disambiguated into a stark,
sharp light 
As chimerical death hops around your window pain
Screaming for entrance through eyelids of drawn curtains
No Abecedarian you for novice like death to plant its echoes
You could refract the gossiping wisdom
To harness your ambiguities
To a definitively winning prides horse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written on an idea of a prism reflecting light.

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my cold demeanour



I am as bitter cold as the darkest winter

As icy as a frozen lake

As dangerous as the roaming white bear

As beautiful as each falling snowflake

But I am as warm as the winter coat you wear

As loved as the charming snowman

And as bright as the fireplace in your home

I am the one who will touch your heart,

And will be forever kept there.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

 this has been another installment i'm doing for characters of the fanfiction peoms and qoutetions!!! if you would like to read my story little witch, go onto fanfiction.net and search in my penname ebonyrose778. this poem is about a lonley girl/icedragon named frostle. she is one of 50 or so ice dragons in the world and is telling you that even though her demenour is cold, she is acutally a nice person if you take the time to get to know her. one of my happier poems.

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