my cold demeanour



I am as bitter cold as the darkest winter

As icy as a frozen lake

As dangerous as the roaming white bear

As beautiful as each falling snowflake

But I am as warm as the winter coat you wear

As loved as the charming snowman

And as bright as the fireplace in your home

I am the one who will touch your heart,

And will be forever kept there.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

 this has been another installment i'm doing for characters of the fanfiction peoms and qoutetions!!! if you would like to read my story little witch, go onto and search in my penname ebonyrose778. this poem is about a lonley girl/icedragon named frostle. she is one of 50 or so ice dragons in the world and is telling you that even though her demenour is cold, she is acutally a nice person if you take the time to get to know her. one of my happier poems.

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