truth understanding realizing seeing

This is a test

To truly test a person's integrity,
To seek out and find one's hidden identity.
The careful predator watches his prey,
Through the night and every day.
Persistence is key, devotion a must,
Burrow in deep and attain their trust.
Be mindful of this sacred oath,
Be conscious of your personal growth.
Remaining unseen, the permanent mask,
The unrelenting, the arduous task.
Revealing yourself, the most dangerous game,
Comes not with love, fortune, or fame.
They watch, they listen, they think, they speak,
The notch has risen, a link in their clique.
The truth will not rise from what lies in their eyes,
The cries of their lies scream behind their disguise.

A final thought before we part,
Trusted you take this lesson to heart.
Remain true to yourself, and never lose hope,
You can always trust the lens of your scope.
Keep reeling, keep feeling, play the hands that they're dealing.
Keep talking, keep walking, the monster still stalking.
The jaded persuaded and degraded the faded.
They graded, they rated, they hated, the jaded.

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