Propaganda Purveyors October 2014

current affairs

Propaganda Purveyors October 2014


greetings family/friends/whoever. How do?

Just had to write a poem to you

About the propaganda purveyors

adding lots of extra layers

one job only to hide the truth

from the likes of me and you


Nothing is what it seems

In yours and mine 3d reality

the worlds media owned by Jews

they are in the thick of it too

sanitising all the news

to keep the truth hidden from you


for example the ebola outbreak

just causing divide and hate

can be prevented with vit C

then it wont effect u and me

dont forget the CDC




same crisis actors are used too

Sandy Hook, Boston, Ebola too

to make you real scared of it

but this time not for profit

the inoculations gonna kill

and its designed to: mental


loads of other lies on your TV

lowers vibration permanent worry

the first beheading, James FOLEY

he didn’t die, all a bit dodgy

'foley' used in Hollywood

putting up a green screen hood


hidden meaning in that name

then again also sounds insane

ISIS and Al quaeda before

both CIA revolving doors

problem, reaction solutions too

daily they pull the wool over you


And the Chinese government just said

do you think we are brain dead?

Stop lying to your people through

the worlds media, tell some truth

journo's breaking ranks as well

loads of recent kiss and tells


Then there is Vladimir Putin

a 98% approval rating

he's standing up to the illuminati

who are doing things Nazi

they are trying to strangle his cash

Saudis, oil prices they slash


he never did all those things

In Ukraine, about clipping wings

of those who don’t agree

with the illuminati policies

I have no doubt he will come thru

because he's on the side of truth


and then there's Syria /kurdistan

all about the ousting of Assad

he has the support of the majority

in keeping his country Nazi free

the bombing of ISIS is secretly

Aimed at Assad by the Nazi’s


Turkey are keeping out of it too

cos secretly they love ISIS too

Erdogan cant support the west

if he does an election second best

The USA dithering too

cos they want the ISIS Problem extended

for more than a year or two.


They also covet Iran as well

because another true story to tell

the plane by Malaysian airlines

you know, the one they couldn’t find?

Mossad were going to blow it up

and blame it on Iran, out of luck

Andromedan's, benevolent et's

made it disappear definitely


Id love to see the good ol USA

have a pop at Iran any day

2 million with guns in their hands

in 24 hours, that's a fact

they really wouldn't dare officially

so the CIA stick to blowing things up



Its not all 'false flags' though

here is a 'I told you so'

entrovirus is the real danger

this is the one of which you should care

mutated by fukishima

no cure, nothing to save ya.

The propaganda purveyors dont mention that

cos they got no cure for it FACT!!!


these are all the worlds problems

surprise surprise, most have solutions

provided by your government

don’t get a shot n make your own luck

nothing to be scared of, we don’t die

if any of the above get me...


see you in the next life

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a song entitled wars a racket

belief system
Theres a word on the street
and it isn't peace
when it should be
sat amongst death
but it's the beginning no the end
new journey you see
life should be full of love
graceful like a dove
it's not : Definitely
Have you thought why not?
who won and who lost?
who pays? and at what cost?
Cos war is just a racket
please vote to sack it
all sisters and brothers
with world peace to recover
Born in the great war
fought in the second one
War sandwich: so glum
From the Somme to Syria
do you really care?
or blinded by propaganda?
any excuse for war
to get a foot in the door
for resources or more
Shades of WMD
Syria, just who sees
invisible similarities
Cos war is just a racket
please vote to sack it
all sisters and brothers
divide and conquer
Innocents in the middle
undoubted personal hell
can you really tell?
war mongers bleeting
only some countries seeing
ultimate selective hearing
bombs raining from above
Shows a lack of love
collateral damage; white doves
some stocks make bombs
like guilt edged bonds
death rolls on and on
Cos war is just a racket
please vote to sack it
all sisters and brothers
the few profit, the rest suffer
Syria, feel your pain
war is insane
and it's in our name
we are your kin
yet you are suffering
needless human killing
governments stoking war
when we want no more
this information they ignore
systems got to change
it's simply insane
war is inane
Cos war is just a racket
please vote to sack it
all sisters and brothers
Throw all war in the gutter
throw all war in the gutter
Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by a recent visit to the somme where i channeled some of the deceased

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My ode to Francois Hollande, French PM

current affairs

Greetings Francois, how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

just been touring your country

great people and spectacular scenery

Though I don't eat meat or cheese

no wine either definitely

no bread or gluten too

but your markets meant no blues


I went to search for Family

lost in both wars; not happy

your nation was stuck in the middle

this is why they hate combat: simple

your warmongering is a big mistake

when everything created from love not hate

the same intelligence as invisible WMD's

bombing Syria on that is crazy


I am the very observant kind

my camping car, peace flag flying

peace signs on the highway

and even on the smallest byway

your people have had enough of war

If you stumble into Syria




Plenty in your country I really liked

no fences or gates, a great site

your ancient woodland incredible too

when was the last time you?

Walked on the earth in bare feet

it all needs earthing: Electricity

and that's all your body is

electrical signals and impulses


love the Sunday shops closing at one

then to the family; lunch begun

and another thing, in the sticks

no shops open after six

your family life seems really good

certainly, compared to my hood

valuing the family bond

of such a life I would be fond


Your public spaces are also used

a lot, people, sport, petanque too

people get their deckchairs out

and sit in the sun no doubt

post offices also in most towns

in the UK most are closed down

your rivers are also green

and unpolluted definitely

apart from a lake I saw red

Neufchatel Paper mill lead


gasoil cheaper than Sans Plomb

to help your truckers along

beautiful flowers on every bridge

is that celebrating peace? What gives?

Men also carrying French Sticks

my gluten allergy, couldn’t eat it

and everyone on holiday in August

keeps the workforce rested; honest.


It's not all perfect in your nation

some suburbs of Paris could be other nations

and shanty towns by highways too

please help those people with portaloos

flytipping is also a disgrace

our mother earth, some French really hate

also your whole nation smokes

most Galois or Camel, some weed toked


so please learn from Marshall Foch

war is rubbish, stop the lot

one thing about statesmen that are great

they are not afraid of debate

especially when intelligence is propaganda

punted by those who don't care

for profit, resource and strategy too

no game of risk; lives to loose


your people also talk a great deal

ego driven, I should say maybe

garlic breath so prevalent too

can I ask does this include you?

other thing about the country; people

dominate skylines; church steeples

religion means to restrict

so lets not go into it

your people truly have soul

just a shame the cross

is the only way they know to let it show


the people have had enough of intervention

military, on the back of fabrication

find out the truth for yourself

otherwise Syrians just get more hell

crucifix's in about every town

war just makes people frown

Military Cemetery’s everywhere too





french translation


Salutations François, comment voulez-vous faire?

Juste eu à écrire un poème pour vous

vient d'être tournée votre pays

des gens formidables et des paysages spectaculaires

Bien que je ne mange pas de viande ou de fromage

pas de vin soit définitivement

pas de pain sans gluten ou trop

mais vos marchés ne voulais pas le blues


Je suis allé à la recherche de la famille

perdu dans les deux guerres ; pas heureux

votre nation a été coincé au milieu

c'est pourquoi ils détestent combat : simple

votre belliciste est une grosse erreur

quand tout créé à partir de l'amour pas la haine

la même intelligence que invisible armes de destruction massive

bombarder la Syrie qui est fou


Je suis le genre très attentif

mon camping car , drapeau paix volant

signes de paix sur la route

et même sur le plus petit chemin détourné

vos gens ont assez de la guerre

Si vous tombez en Syrie

You'v perdu l'élection PROCHAINE



Beaucoup dans votre pays que j'ai vraiment aimé

pas de clôtures ou de barrières , un grand site

votre bois anciens incroyable trop

à quand remonte la dernière fois que vous ?

Marché sur la terre , pieds nus

tout cela doit terre : Électricité

et c'est tout votre corps est

signaux électriques et des impulsions


amour des commerces le dimanche fermeture à une

puis à la famille , déjeuner commencée

et une autre chose , dans les bâtons

pas de magasins ouverts après six

votre vie de famille semble vraiment bon

Certes, par rapport à mon capot

valoriser le lien familial

d'une telle vie , je serais fond


Vos espaces publics sont également utilisés

beaucoup , les gens , le sport , pétanque trop

les gens obtiennent leurs transats sur

et s'asseoir au soleil sans aucun doute

bureaux de poste également dans la plupart des villes

au Royaume-Uni la plupart sont fermées

vos rivières sont aussi vert

et non pollué définitivement

Mis à part un lac, j'ai vu rouge

Neufchatel Papeterie plomb


gasoil moins cher que le sans plomb

pour aider vos camionneurs long

belles fleurs sur chaque pont

est que la célébration de la paix? Ce qui donne ?

Hommes portant également Sticks français

mon allergie au gluten , ne pouvait pas manger

et tout le monde en vacances en Août

maintient la main-d'œuvre reposait ; honnête .


Ce n'est pas tous parfait de votre nation

certaines banlieues de Paris pourraient être d'autres nations

et des bidonvilles par des routes trop

s'il vous plaît aider ces gens avec portaloos

flytipping est aussi une honte

notre mère la terre , un peu de français détestent vraiment

également toute votre nation fume

la plupart Galois ou de chameau , de l'herbe toked


donc s'il vous plaît apprendre de maréchal Foch

la guerre c'est de la foutaise , arrêter le lot

une chose à propos d'État qui sont grands

ils n'ont pas peur du débat

surtout quand l'intelligence est de la propagande

punted par ceux qui ne se soucie pas

pour le profit , les ressources et la stratégie trop

aucun jeu de risque , vit à perdre


vos gens parlent également beaucoup

ego conduit, je devrais peut-être dire

ail souffle tellement répandue trop

puis-je demander ce que cela vous comprennent ?

autre chose sur le pays , les gens

dominer horizons ; clochers

religion signifie pour restreindre

laisse ainsi pas y entrer

vos gens ont vraiment l'âme

juste une honte de la croix

c'est la seule façon qu'ils connaissent le laisser montrer


les gens en ont assez de l'intervention a eu

militaire , à l'arrière de la fabrication

découvrir la vérité par vous-même

autrement Syriens simplement obtenir plus d' enfer

crucifix est à peu près chaque ville

la guerre fait juste que les gens froncement de sourcils

Le cimetière militaire est partout trop


Votre élection à PERDRE

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by my recent trip to france

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