We went to the top of a mountain…up a mountain road we wound our way

because we know it’s the perfect place to watch the sun set on the day.


We never tire of watching a sunset…for each one is unique 

The sky is ever-changing as the sun and clouds play hide-and-seek.


There is something soothing…mesmerizing…watching another day go to bed…as colors stretch across the sky in shades of yellow, orange and red.


I guess you could say, as far as sunsets, Deborah and I are fans…but this evening as we stood atop the mountain the sun and clouds had other plans.


This evening’s sun was bashful…she seemed a lttle shy…choosing to hide behind the clouds as they spread across the sky.


But we were not upset…on a mountain top…surrounded by the trees..

for even a sunset with no sun…is a beautiful sight to see.


With no sunset to watch…our eyes found so many other sights to see…

For instance…a group of little birds as they landed in a nearby tree.


They were a little distance away but we noticed how the tree they landed in shook…

so I ran to the car, got our binoculars…so we could get a closer look


There on the mountaintop…unable to watch the sunset we adore…

we saw, instead, a group of birds we had never seen before.


A google search led us to cedar waxwings…and I admit we were both stunned

because the cedar waxwing has the same colors of our bashful setting sun.


The little orange atop its head looked kind of like a veil…

The red showed up on the tip of its wings…they yellow on its tail.


To top it off…we were serenaded by this previously, to us, unseen bird

with one of the softest sweetest birdsongs we have ever heard.


Yes, we came to the mountain to watch a sunset…

but when that sunset was obscured….

we were blessed…

oh how we were blessed

to find our sunset in a bird.

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Yesterday while watching the sun set

I thought how nature is so beautiful…

and yet


I find myself hesitant…afraid

at the world before me man has made


At all the horrible things we’re doing

At all the bitterness and hatred brewing


As the sun descended this thought entered my mind

There is a way to make the world kind?


And though this may be hard for some to swallow

I believe it depends on who we follow.


What if at sunset…when today is done

We stop following fools with power…fools with guns


And when we awake to a new sunrise

We follow only leaders whom we think are wise.


So at future sunsets we’ll just enjoy the view


Like, I believe, we were meant to do.

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As I watch the sun snuggle behind the mountains

I think…as the day begins to cease

how a sunrise brings us hope

while a sunset brings us peace.


A sunset not only heralds in the swan song of the day…

It is also the opening number of night’s beautiful ballet…


A sunset not only announces that the day behind us is through,

it is a testimony to how an ending can be quite beautiful too.


A sunrise reminds us to welcome the day as her beauty stretches across the sky

While a sunset is there to remind us there is also beauty in goodbye.


So as I sit here watching the sunset exhale her last beam…

I bid adieu to another day…and head off now…


to dream….

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