During the day I don’t think much about ghosts…perhaps by the sun I’m blinded…

but in the quiet ebony of the evening…I’m a little more open minded.


I awoke in the middle of the night…(when you’re older you’ll understand)

and was immediately taken aback… when my eyes…the front room scanned.


The room was supposed to be empty…but I was suddenly aware

shrouded in a hazy glow…Deborah’s mom…sitting in the rocking chair.


I’m not sure if she noticed me…in the early morning…long before the dawn

but after closing my eyes and reopening them…Deborah’s mom was gone.


Instantly I doubted myself…

Was it as real as it seemed?

Did I see Deborah’s mom sitting there…or was it just a dream?


I’m pretty sure I saw her…

which made me wonder once she was out of sight…

if Deborah’s mom doesn’t often come to visit her old cabin in the night.


Does she seek out the peace and comfort of that old rocking chair…

to revisit her old memories and feel the love still floating in the air?


Does she sit in the same chair Deborah sits in…to be reminded her how our lives are intertwined…does she smile as she remembers all the memories she left behind?


I like to think I saw her, if only for a moment, sitting in that chair…

but if it wasn’t her…if it was just a dream…I truly do not care….


Because if she was a dream or if I saw her…coming down from heaven for a rest…

Either way…I doesn’t matter…either way…I feel blessed.


Still I asked myself…was it a dream…but any doubt I’m now removing…

If it was a dream then why…

long after she seemed gone

was that rocking chair still moving?

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She tried desperately to remember her dream  

frantically trying to seek

the reason she awoke this morning


with a tear upon his cheek.

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As I watch the sun snuggle behind the mountains

I think…as the day begins to cease

how a sunrise brings us hope

while a sunset brings us peace.


A sunset not only heralds in the swan song of the day…

It is also the opening number of night’s beautiful ballet…


A sunset not only announces that the day behind us is through,

it is a testimony to how an ending can be quite beautiful too.


A sunrise reminds us to welcome the day as her beauty stretches across the sky

While a sunset is there to remind us there is also beauty in goodbye.


So as I sit here watching the sunset exhale her last beam…

I bid adieu to another day…and head off now…


to dream….

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She loved to dream when she was young…

on starlight and moonbeams…

She’d sit alone…let out a sigh…

close her eyes…and dream…


of adventures she’d be taking

on the land…the air…the sea….

of all the places she’d be going…

of the person she would be.


She loved to dream when she grew up

Sometimes she dreamed of fortune, love and fame…

But she’d often catch herself and smile…

for some dreams remained the same…


She’s older now and when she’s asked

Why do you still dream the way you do?

She smiles… “First you have to have the dream.” she says,

“if you ever want them to come true.”



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The Star Catcher

I met her on a beach one night...
or was it by a moonlit stream?
You see, I’m not sure if she was real...
or someone in a dream.

She was holding a net that reached to the heavens
and was surrounded by glowing jars.
I timidly asked, “What are you doing?”
She said, “I’m catching stars.”

Before I had a chance to speak again...
to register my doubt,
she said, “I catch the stars when they are flickering
and before their light burns out...

I fill them up with stardust,
for as I’m sure, you know,
stardust is the magic
that allows the stars to glow.”

“Would you like some help?” I asked,
as she was pulling in a star.
She smiled, a tender smile, and said,
“Sure, go grab a jar.”

I’ll never forget that girl
or that twinkle in her eye...
or that night we spent together
catching stars out of the sky

Was she real or was she in a dream?
Tell me...who’s to say?
You see, it doesn’t matter to me...
Because I’m happy..either way?

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