Boom Box

Born from a boom box
What is what happened to me
I came out of my mother’s worm, with a heart that was made of a stereo
Every time I take a breath of air, my lungs goes boom, boom, boom
Music is my soul as long as the melody plays I shall live internally
There is no blood in my body only the wires that produce my sounds
You can not pull my plug out of the wall to stop me because I have back up batteries
My voice is ancient I have not accent, my language is universal
If you do not understand what I say all you have to do is listen to my heart
You will hear my rhyme
I was born from a boom box
My name is music

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a short poem I wrote and adapted from the movie Step Up 3D with their motto of "Born from a Boom Box"

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