Sisyphus: The Man who Chained Death!

Sisyphus aroused the Gods’ wrath,

By chaining DEATH,

None is permitted to go against nature,

Nor was Tithonus in his pursuit to remain young ever!


Sisyphus was to push a boulder up to a mountain,

Only to see it roll down again,

This was what he was punished with,

The crestfallen one from the myth.


I like the Old Mariner keep telling,

Going against nature is not the right thing.

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Sisyphus, Human Life and Absurdity!

Life eventually is absurd,

No matter you work how hard!

Such is the message the absurdists suggest,

Indicating at Sisyphus’ ceaseless angst.


But I differ from Albert Camus and Martin Esslin,

Since it is akin to a sin,

To utter that futility prevails everywhere,

By moving aside religion and the life after!


Gifted are those who taste life being born,

Gifted are those who can feel the sunshine every morn.

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