Sisyphus, Human Life and Absurdity!

Life eventually is absurd,

No matter you work how hard!

Such is the message the absurdists suggest,

Indicating at Sisyphus’ ceaseless angst.


But I differ from Albert Camus and Martin Esslin,

Since it is akin to a sin,

To utter that futility prevails everywhere,

By moving aside religion and the life after!


Gifted are those who taste life being born,

Gifted are those who can feel the sunshine every morn.

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

wow, a very unusual poem for

wow, a very unusual poem for you! i was afraid something shook your usual optimism and appreciation for beauty (at least, that's what i usually notice about ur poems) until i got to the last lines :) whew, the world is back to normal! i feel like u stepped outside ur usual style a bit here and the result is even better!! :) excellent write :)

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Incredible Last Line

A gift indeed, my friend.



KingofWords's picture

Thank you