siberia [prelude for time feelers]

I was starting to believe

that in me grows a Siberia

that birds will fly soon and all that’s left is the log

on which the ravens will hang like bowls

and will lighten dark.

no, I  don't open myself too much

you know

these things come simply from you

and scream.


let me scream then

about the red led that is watching me since the night began

about the powerless cactus flower

about those lost on the bumpy road


nothing is earned without a fight


I have already learned the fish’s movement in the fishing net

you would say I am ready

in reality I spin around people until I get dizzy

I stop only when dreams curl my hair

and  you are on my island of words


only then I can get together

like a stray dog above a steamy sewer.

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Nigerian Massacre



Nigerian Massacre


From Liberia

through Iberia

around the world

to Siberia

all mourn

the massacre

in Nigeria


-saiom shriver-



Footnote: May Western media

give as much attention to slaughter

in Africa as in Europe


"In the original Koran (Quran) there was no promotion of

violence."  (paraphrased from the words of Sathya Sai Baba)


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