Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

Shades of gray
stop the hate
Black and white
starts a fight
Just not right 
Too uptight

Shades of gray
Stop the hate
between the lines
are very wise minds
whose aim is true to compromise

Shades of gray
Stop the hate
Compromise can be wise
Open up your eyes
Put yourself in everyone's place
Try to give yourself a taste
Live and let live
Learn how to forgive

Love is the answer simple and true
Love for me and love for you
If all could learn how to live
ok to receive but better to give
If we all could empathise
We'd see the truth instead of lies

By pamschwetz


© 2019 pamschwetz (All rights reserved)




Author's Notes/Comments: 

was watching a series on Netflix called The Naked Truth...don't remember which segment i was watching when I stopped to write this poem/song lyrics...just thinkin about how there is way too much hate and hate just breeds more hate when really as the Beatles sang All you need is love....or thinking of the golden rule one simple rule Love thy neighbor as thyself...if we all could just keep that in mind and live by it what a difference it would make in this crazy mixed up world we live in...

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