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Free Write

I'm getting tired of telling you that it'll be okay

Tired of watching you fall back on your twisted ways

You go over with that fake smile so you can smoke away your pain

Using your beauty to hit something that takes it away

Tired of all the eyes that ascertain that I owe them somthing

Tired of fake friends that don't want to come through for nothing

Unless it's convienient but I'd still always give them praise

Because I assumed that if i cared then they would do the same

Lately I've been spending too much time drinking by myself

But I guess it's better than trying to find somebody else to help

My sympathy is being scrapped it was a hindrince on my health

So if you've gotta a problem you can go fix it yourself

Poets are just voiceless voiceboxes for our bleeding hearts

The innocent passengers strung along in a stolen car

The shallow hands of love and death  groping the wheel

Staining the ever present sadness of the human reel

But this ain't a movie unless someone stops being the villain

Heroes are hogtied but you could be that one in a million

Don't look for me purpose I don't know who you could really serve

There's not much you can do for us that we truly deserve

I'm retiring my white cape locking up the angel wings

Traded in my halo for some tattoos and diamond rings

And when I look people now all I see is emptiness

That's probably not the best way do it but it's the way it is





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You think you hate your life?

You think you hate your life?
My boyfriend doesn’t pay attention to me
He is always at work or with his friends
And he never gets me what I want


You think you hate your life?
My boyfriend hits me
He calls me horrible names
He says if I tell anyone he will kill me


You think you hate your life?
My parents bought me a 4g
When I wanted a 5g
How could they do this to me?


You think you hate your life?
My parents are flat broke
I have never even touched an ipod
I am just happy to eat one meal


You think you hate your life?
I have to sit next to a fat girl I hate
Shes so nasty
I wish I was anywhere else


You think you hate your life?
I have to sit next to this mean girl
She tells me I am fat and nasty
She doesn’t know how terrible I feel

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the king

Stop being miserable
You have no right
You have no need


Stop being miserable
While the whole world suffers
And you are the king


The king on his throne
Sending away his jesters
servants with their platters


He cries
And he bleeds
Not for anything or anyone


For existence 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I wrote last year which was emotionally one of my worst years ever. I have always felt like I have no right to be sad. I have a good family, education, hobbies and friends. But still the depression hits me when I wonder what life could be more than the daily routine and work.


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