reverse poems

A killer lurks in the shadows - A reverse poem


Kill the woman


I won’t let him


stop me.


Nothing in this world can


help her


The time is near. And I am going to go


through with it.


The shadows hide my presence. I am


her. Vulnerable.


I draw my weapon. I see


My moment is now


I am a killer


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in February 2015, but never did anything with it. So, having stumbled across it once more, I thought I should release it to the world. Like a dove.

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Love vs. Hate- Reverse Poem

Structured Poems

Even the smallest happiness and joy

Comes with

The feeling of hate and always

Leaves no room for


A feeling that is cold and hard


Leaves anguish to be

Ever-present in the hearts of men


After it is gone

Leaves cold, empty feeling

And anger only

Melts the ice that is left behind


Is deceiving

Saying that “Love has departed”

Holds truth in its words

The belief that “Love is infinite”

Is blatantly false

“Love is always broken”

The evident lie that

Sweetens life forever


Which is fleeting and quicker to leave than a false friend


Is warmer, more alive than the dishonesty that comes with



Not everything can be changed


But… some things can be reversed…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey guys!  This is a reverse poem.  Once you finish reading it forward, go ahead and read it backward and gain a completely different meaning.

Haven't posted in a long while! :)