On my walk this morning…I was thinking about my poem

when I got caught out in the rain…about halfway from my home.


Halfway from where I started…halfway yet to go…

so I kept on walking and before I knew it…I was soaked from head to toe.


You see, it was a humid morning…so the rain…I didn’t mind

in fact I had to smile as the shower snuck up from behind.


And, you see, it was still quite dark this morning…so about the rain…I didn’t whine

as it glistened in the streetlights…causing everything to shine.


And you see, the rain came quietly…so about it…I didn’t frown

as I walked in the silence of the morning…and watched it gently floating down.


When I reached home, I was dripping wet and as I started to open the door

I noticed it was still raining…so I decided to walk some more…


Because how many moments in your life…can you be entertained

by walking in the darkness…immersed in a morning rain?


And besides, if I didn’t get caught in the rain this morning…

halfway from my home

I would have missed the beauty of that moment…


and the inspiration for this poem.

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“Aw…It’s raining outside”, the young boy said. “I wanted to play on my swing…”

“The rain is stupid…I hate it…It ruins everything”.


“Don’t cry about the rain.” Mom said. “Don’t be angry..I beseech you!”

“For if you stop a moment…The rain has much to teach you”.


“Rain teaches us about humility…for no matter how we complain

there are some things in life we don’t control…

sometime you’ve got to let it rain.”


“Rain teaches us about courage…not to be afraid to take that first step to the top…

because every downpour of rain…begins with a single drop.”


“Rain reminds us there are two sides to every story.

Though you are angry at the rain for falling down non-stop.

That same rain that stops you from swinging…is nourishing the crops.”


“We eat those crops to grow big and strong.

So when you think the rain has nothing it can give…

remember the farmer and his crops…and how we need the rain to live.”


“Do not let the rain stop you.” she said

“Rain is something to adore.”

Then she smiled at her young son

and opened up the door.


And out they ran into the rain

and as he played upon his swing

he learned a lesson about his mother 

as he watched her dance…and sing.


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Rain (Rhyme Royal)

Cooling comfort pours,  touching Earth,
Refreshing the parched,  thirsty soil.
Each drop is precious,  of true worth
For some,  a blessing for their toil.

A sign of hope that heaven hears,
Constant as the rays of sunlight
All await when the skies cry tears.

All rights reserved~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~06.09.15

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ryhme Royal - a quatrain and a tercet about one topic

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To Grow in the Rain

The clouds are gray
And not a sign of sunlight in sight.
Clear droplets fall on the sky and bathe the world.
It is getting cold, but my heart is getting warm.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Here I am, here you are
We are rained out, but we smile at each other.
Having nothing to do may become something to do.
Care to watch the rain with me?
Sit close to me and I will give you my hand.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
We watch the show as the rain falls.
It covers the roads and parts of the grass
Sometimes it rains so much it creates a small lake.
We watch each other, telling ourselves how blessed we are
To spend this moment together, just you and I alone.
We hear nothing, but the rain and thunder
It is music to our ears.
We close our eyes and our arms around us tight.
Lightning strikes next to us, but we are not scared.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Why do people sing for the rain to go away?
They are deprived of the most beautiful weather.
Why tell it to come back another day when we can savor it?
The rain begets water and water is life.
Our friendship is growing like the plants during the storm.
We take deep breaths to fill our lungs with this cool air.
We hold hands again as the sky gets darker and it rains harder.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
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Reign of Rain


May be the sky is sad so,

Since it is letting the world know,

Of its gloom through the raindrops,

Falling like arrows from the hilltops.


It is raining endlessly,

As if an era of rain is born finally,

Flood is about to appear,

Like a hidden tiger here.


Those in love wish for the rain,

Not to return its home again,

Loss of homes the poor can scarcely tolerate,

Excessive rain they hate.


Yet under the law of nature,

Helpless is each creature,

Even the earth seems unable however,

To take in such amount of water.


O rain! when will you stop?

Asks each unguarded crop,

Have mercy on us,


Please stop this curse thus.


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Who Loves More? Let the Rain Decide

 Far away we are,

 From each other,

 Don’t you miss me once,

 Even by chance?


  My Muse you are,

 With a heart like honey pure,

 From the earthly elves, you used to protect,

 Being next to ‘nature’ that they call art.


  Loving you is prayer,

 The way the winds yearn for,

 Kissing the roses and the mountains,

 Endeavour to cuddle the clouds, same with me happens.


  Who loves more?

 It may be you ‘my dear’,

 Or me, none can ever hide,

 Let the rain decide.


  As the bird for alms cries before the snow,

 I request you to behold the wailing sky and know,

 If the raindrops carry the memories,

 Back to life, will there be any room for lies?  


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The Storm

It's hard to think that we are like the rain,
how we hold back our pain for as long as we can contain.
But when the moment of truth rips us apart
we are left gloomy and with a broken heart.

That's when the storm then will begin
and nothing for us seems to be set up to win.
Because when the storm comes, it follows after a darkness
that often leads we as people to be cold and heartless.

That's when we lose our hope
and makes us want to fly towards the rope.
To end the pain that the storm all started
and to regain how it feels to be warmhearted.

But the storm is more complicated than what everyone thinks
and just when we think it's over, the sun then again shrinks.
There's no point to fight the cold, gloomy storm
so let's all dance in the rain to accept how we are born.

We are born just like the rain.
We are taught to hold back our pain.
But sometimes down the way we tend to break
and everything is set out for us to suffer from a never ending quake.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is like a storm, it's unpredictable and at times always comes back after the calming.

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