#poetry prompt 20

The School of Life

What goes unsaid

those thoughts in your head

when someone acts like they're better than you

when you know in fact that it's not true

their self importance makes you mad

but knocking them down would be just as bad

everyone's on their own path

not up to us to do the math

best not interfere

lessons learned are dear

we're all in the school of life

we live and learn it causes strife

perhaps it's just best to write

than say out loud and incite

if you sound offensive

they just get defensive

it becomes extensive

makes me apprehensive

maybe some stuff's best unsaid

left inside your mixed up head


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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 20, 2016

For today’s prompt, write a poem of what goes unsaid. Maybe it’s unrequited love, a hidden contempt, spoiler to the most recent TV show or blockbuster movie. Whatever goes unsaid, maybe write it instead.

Maybe Cindy Lou Will

When Genghis Khan visits Whoville

maybe somehow Cindy Lou will

make him have a change of heart

she changed The Grinch she's pretty smart

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Genghis Khan visits Whoville