poems about loved ones



Your name is Erica,
a beautiful name
for an amazing woman.

You make my heart sing,
when you message me,
and I just want to continue
talking to you all day long.
I never want to end
our conversations.

And, I hope, and pray,
that I don't sound like
I'm being possesive,
cause I'm not trying to be.

What I'm trying to say,
is that you mean alot to me,
and you make me feel good,
about myself and the things I do.

You're a sweet person,
one that I'm honored to
have met, and become close to.

You've overcome many obsticals
that the world has thrown at you,
and taken it in stride,
not letting it change who you are.

You're one of a kind,
a once-in-a-lifetime girl,
one that no one can be!
If they were to try,
they wouldn't succeed,
they'd just fall flat!

No one can replace you,
no matter how
hard they try!
Nope, no way!

it's hard to describe,
in words,
what effect your
name has on me.

It makes my heart race,
beating faster than usual.
I sometimes get chills
running up and down my arms.
My mouth goes dry,
and it feels as if
no amount of moisture
could get it moist again.

Now Ill go ahead and
bring this to an end,
as I don't want it
to go on too long.

But, my dear,
what I've said here is true,
and so much more can be said,
about what I feel for you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I wrote to my girl Erica! Please comment on it!

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