Lifetime Seduction

Underneath the scarlet,
Lies a a softer, paler hue,
The simmering seduction,
That you see is fooling you,
That orange glow beneath her gut,
Invites intimidation,
Your morals lying on the floor,
Increase anticipation,
Thoughts begin to wander,
And extend some provocation,
This shallow hold so deeply felt,
Disturbs your meditation,
A guarded stance our spirit holds,
Against this iron mask,
The face of Lady Death seeps through our souls,
Before we ask,
With baited breath we lust to know,
Our fates beyond the grave,
Enthralled into this mystery,
We soon become it's slave,
You hear her tender calls,
And untold sweetness thrills your heart,
Efflorescence underway,
Awakenings seem doomed to stay,
The peacefulness with such allure,
Your open heart meets an open door,
The golden glow of death's first bliss,
Makes love to you with life's last kiss.


© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have held the hand of a few people passing through their physical body to the other side of life. It is a strange but very beautiful feeling. Our root chakra, scarlet in color, is the chakra that symbolizes strength of life force energy. The second chakra is orange in color. I am thinking that when we die, they are the last two colors to leave our human form, and therfore, maybe the first two we follow as we make the final steps on to greet the next stage of life. We think that death is at the end of our lives, but truly, death happens all of our lives. Every moment we live, we are also dying. Every awakening followed by a slumber, for every door we close, another opens. That is what this poem is about.

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