north star

A Slave's Words

I'm a prisoner
We let down our guard
Now there's no more freedom
But who's to blame?

I rue there fame,
They shouldn't make
History to this day,

They took me from the
Motherland stolen
In misery
Oh, what a savage at hand.

Now my days are numbered
As we slumbered up under the sun,
Picking up cotton
When I feel like picking up a gun
And ending my all,
But still I wait for the star
To guide me toward freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem speaks for itself.

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My Compass


You are my one true north
No matter where you are
That is my north
You are my north star

I suppose that it has
Always been this way
I'm sure I always
Want this to stay

I can always find you
Just follow my heart
And there you are
No matter where I start

Even if you are south of me
I follow my heart, not my brain
And I always end up at your side
Its something I cannot explain

But I know I don’t want
It to ever change
Don’t you know that my
Feelings have been rearranged?

Yes, they have and put
You at north, this I know
And I think everyone can see
Because I always let it show

Written on
December 22, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is for Tom Neville. I had this thought as I was walking to see him the one day, it was a thought that stayed in my head, even a few days later. So I wrote it out, and it came to be what you see. I love him with everything that makes me, me.