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Walking in the room,

List clentched in my hand.

Deep breath, preparing,

Trying to take a stand.


I start with a mumble,

Warming up my voice.

Talk about the pain, the meds,

I need to have a choice.


My words become louder,

Fighting for myself.

Trying for relief, for belief,

For my life and health.


I am louder, screaming,

Until I fall down.

To find myself pleading,

With only a brick wall.

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Some Days


Some days I feel like

letting the pain win.

Some days I fight it,

pushing again and again.


Some days I ignore it,

until it eats me alive.

Some days I wonder

how I'll ever survive.


Some days I just smile,

to hide all the tears.

Some days I question,

how it took them years.


Some days I bottle up,

tightening the cap.

Some days I'm afraid,

hoping I don't snap.


Some days I pretend,

that this is all a dream.

Some days I wish

I could let out this scream.


Some days I beg

my body just to mend.

Some days I pray

for all of this to end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I started writing again after a long while. I've been in pain every day for just shy of 11 years and now doctors are refusing to treat any pain until I go to a third pain management doctor a month from now...

Seriously, Life?



I thought my suffering

was capped-

that things were

on the side of

'better' now.


Thought that I'd met my


and even more-so

than, my

then some.




yet again,

it's like,

Seriously Life?


my current afflictions

weren't enough

for you to take

and take from me?


Because the amounts of pain,

of my agony,

for all these many

and hurtful years

are just...

lacking for you?

Seriously, life


won't you please...

just please,


leave me be...




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