Some Days


Some days I feel like

letting the pain win.

Some days I fight it,

pushing again and again.


Some days I ignore it,

until it eats me alive.

Some days I wonder

how I'll ever survive.


Some days I just smile,

to hide all the tears.

Some days I question,

how it took them years.


Some days I bottle up,

tightening the cap.

Some days I'm afraid,

hoping I don't snap.


Some days I pretend,

that this is all a dream.

Some days I wish

I could let out this scream.


Some days I beg

my body just to mend.

Some days I pray

for all of this to end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I started writing again after a long while. I've been in pain every day for just shy of 11 years and now doctors are refusing to treat any pain until I go to a third pain management doctor a month from now...