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The Love of a Mother

The love of a mother,

Is like that of no other.

Not a sister or a brother,

Or a spouse or a lover.

She'll be there to help you walk,

And be the one to help you talk.

To keep you safe she would not bulk,

Even if faced with the incredible Hulk.

When it's time to go to school,

She'll make sure you're no fool.

Even if the other kids say you're not cool,

To her you're still a prescious jewel.

And when it's time for you to graduate,

She'll be there and won't be late.

For her this is no ordinary date,

Because of her it was always your fate.

As we grow and move away from home,

She will stay and wait by the phone.

Becuase if you fall and break a bone,

She'll come to the rescue, even if in Rome.

When it's time for you to have kids,

Or even if your life hits the skids,

She'll be there like no other,

Because there is no love, like that of a mother.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I worte this for my mother (obviously) last year. She fought a brave and lengthy battle with ovarian cancer which i was with her every step of the way. She passed away on 10/23/14. I debated whether or not to post this poem, but seeing how it made her feel, if this can bring joy to somebody else then it is well worth dealing with the emotions. Write on my fellow poets.

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Dear Mama

Dear mother I love you with all my heart.
I don't need some fancy card from wal-mart to express how far I would go for you!
No matter the problems I been through you the only woman in my life who I could really turn to.
Actually the only woman who keep it real with me.
Soo I wrote this poem all for you no one else.
You'd mold me into a better man to respect every woman I cross paths with..
Almost 17 years and mother you've raised me right.
Teachers and strangers confront you and say "Mrs.Hill you made a bright mind your child is a one of a kind"
And it's all your doing mother I'm happy you kept pushing me to keep pursuing my dreams.
Told me I could be anything I want to be with my awesome abilities.
And mother I promise I'm going to give my future currency to you to repay my dues to you.
Bought games for my PlayStation 2 bought clean clothes and pencils for me to attend school.
So mother all I have to say now is thank you and happy mothers day too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy mothers day to all you guys and your wonderful mothers!!!!

Mother Dearest

My Mother she raised me right.
I know the "Word", I even Read the "Book"
Young Mother of three! 
Went on to raise a young man; now thats a different look
She told me "One day you'll grow bigger & stronger but if you ever talk back to moms it will lead to hooks"
Man! I swear she different 
Her skin thick; Words slickish 
I ever find my self down in the dumps 
She there to pick me up
Wise Words from a decent (woman)
"You Don't want to be down all your life; you gotta get up & make something"
And that alone made a difference
If not just for me I do it to fulfil Her vision
Those times she spoke & I "heard" but didn't listen
I reflect on; 
My regrets long
& Not to ramble on; just had to make it known 
"I"Appreciate you!
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She is patient when everything is chaos
She is caring when no one else is
She is loving when the world is crashing down
She is there when everyone else has left
She is the one that held you when you cried
She is the shoulder you cry one when your upset
She is the one who didn’t leave when things got rough
She is willing to fight for you when you need it the most
She is the one who sat with you when you were sick
She is why you are here today
She is mom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my mom for mothers day

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