Dear Mama

Dear mother I love you with all my heart.
I don't need some fancy card from wal-mart to express how far I would go for you!
No matter the problems I been through you the only woman in my life who I could really turn to.
Actually the only woman who keep it real with me.
Soo I wrote this poem all for you no one else.
You'd mold me into a better man to respect every woman I cross paths with..
Almost 17 years and mother you've raised me right.
Teachers and strangers confront you and say "Mrs.Hill you made a bright mind your child is a one of a kind"
And it's all your doing mother I'm happy you kept pushing me to keep pursuing my dreams.
Told me I could be anything I want to be with my awesome abilities.
And mother I promise I'm going to give my future currency to you to repay my dues to you.
Bought games for my PlayStation 2 bought clean clothes and pencils for me to attend school.
So mother all I have to say now is thank you and happy mothers day too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy mothers day to all you guys and your wonderful mothers!!!!

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I'm certain your mother found this poem............

a million times lovelier than any expensive walmart card. Anything from the heart surpaseses something bought............... Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen