What’s the secret to your marriage he was asked as they watched his wife singing…laughing…dancing

He smiled feeling lucky knowing it was his life she was enhancing…


He rose to join her on the dance floor saying…

“Our secret is a simple one, you see…

I set out to tame her heart but in the end…


she set me free.”

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Deborah did not marry the perfect man…I have imperfections galore

In fact the moment I think I know them all…I quickly discover more.


This is one of life’s basic facts…It is a little sad…but true

As proof I know what I’m talking about..let me name a few…


I cannot whistle…I cannot wink may left eye

These are not the only traits I lack…

I have trouble growing hair on my head

but it grows easily on my back.


I trip regularly over area rugs, sometimes I’m too big a clown

I can’t see without my glasses and I hang doors on upside down.


I get ear aches when the weather changes

Olives and spicy foods I can do without.

I don’t hear as good as I used to…(what’d you say?)

And sometimes I put my shirts on inside out…


Deborah has her imperfections as well….

but one thing I know for sure….

Every imperfection she possesses

adds to her allure.


You might say we are comfortable with our imperfections

because…and here I’m sure you would agree

without these imperfections in life…

what would our story be?


Which leads me to this conclusion:


If you take one imperfect husband…

and add one imperfect wife…

With a little love and understanding…


you can have a perfect life.

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They were a happy couple, my grandparents, as far as I could understand

I would always see them trading smiles, sharing glances…holding hands.


I didn’t ask them about this when I was young…but when I became a little older…

since their behavior captivated my imagination…I grew a little bolder.


I wanted to know the secret…to their mutual intimacy

My plan: Find a time when they’re alone…and ask each one separately.


“You and Grandma are always smiling.” I said…”I never see her cry.”

You seem perpetually happy…can you, please, tell me why?


“Why are we so happy?” Grandpa mused. “Why that’s easy to explain.”

I try every day to make her happy…and every day she does the same.”


I was looking for some ancient wisdom, some hidden secret, I confess,

Grandpa’s answer left me a little puzzled, somewhat dazed…and unimpressed.


So I asked Grandma the same question…

“Grandma, can you please tell me how,

after all these years you‘ve lived together…you’re still so happy now?


Grandma smiled and answered quickly, 

without reservation…without shame…

“Why, I try every day to make him happy…and every day he does the same.”


Well, they didn’t share any ancient wisdom…

But in the end I found my hopes exceeded…

when I realized making each other happy


was all they ever needed.

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Cats meow and dogs sniff,

but you are the one,

I want to grow old with. 

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