A poet who was famous for his love poems was approached by a young boy who shyly bowed his head…

“I want to write a love poem…can you teach me how?” He said.


The old poet smiled. 

“So you have come to me because you know how love and poetry are intertwined…and I’m guessing there is a special someone for this poem you have in mind.”


A nervous smile crossed the young boy’s face at these words the poet said.

He looked up and the old poet could see his cheeks were glowing red.


The old poet smiled again.

“My best advice is don’t start out to write a love poem…you see it doesn’t work that way…start our writing about this person…and love will find a way.”


“Take pencil in hand…and think about this person…soon you’ll find it so exciting…

How the words will travel from your heart to your brain and end up in your writing.”


“And your poem may rhyme…or it may not…it does’t matter for in time you’ll see…anything written from your heart…why…that is poetry.”


“And you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when your poem is done…

That it won’t matter if it finds its way to a million people…or if it reaches only one.


“And once you’ve written your first love poem…once you see it completed there…

You’ll want to write another and another…because you’ll start to see love everywhere.”


“You’ll see it in your family…you friends…your pets, the Earth…your home…just remember, if you’re writing from your heart…you’ll end up with a poem.


“And finally remember you are human…sometimes you’ll end up with the perfect poem…a poem you will adore…other times you’ll realize…that’s what they make erasers for.”


“So if you want to write that love poem, take this pencil and this pad of paper too…

I have told you how to start…the rest is up to you.”



“I love you Mommy!” said the young boy as he climbed upon her knee

which brought his mother endless joy as she held him tenderly.


She decided as he she held him near to give her son a little quiz

So she gently whispered in his ear…can you tell me what love is? 


“What is love?” he shrugged

“I think it’s a lot of things.

It’s all those times that we have hugged.

It’s the lullabies you sing.”


“It’s like how when I’m with you,” he said

everything feels right…

Like how when you tuck me into bed

you kiss my head goodnight.”


“It’s like how you know just the right words to say…

how I never have to ask you why

you hold me in a different way

when I laugh or when I cry.”


“I guess in some ways love is a prize

we give each other every day.”

Then he looked into his Mother’s eyes and asked

“Did I answer it OK?”


“Did you answer it OK?” she smiled,

as tears her vision blurred…

“When it comes TO a definition of love my child,

that’s the best one I’ve ever heard.”

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He found an old and weathered copy of her poem…which caused him to reminisce…

for never has he read a poem…as beautiful as this…



“I want you all to write a love poem,” He said to his class,

“For love is beautiful…and grand…”

when he was interrupted by a student…who timidly raised her hand.


“My daddy was killed by a bomb in the war.” she said.

“How can I contemplate…

words of love and joy…

when I’m filled with so much hate?”


He had anticipated many questions…but this one…he never guessed…

He walked over, put his arms around her…and hugged her to his chest.


“When hate is all around us”, he said…”when bombs are dropping from above…

That is the time we must fight hate…and search for words of love.”


“Look into your heart.” he said, ‘words of love are waiting there

words of love you will discover…words of love you’ll want to share.”


He returned to his desk amid silence…and during the interlude

the class all wrote their poems…in a quiet solitude…


He wasn’t sure what to expect until that night at home

when he came to her assignment entitled…


                                            This Is My Love Poem


My daddy used to talk about love…before he turned off my light…

He said love is a wonderful way to start the day…and the only way to say goodnight.


So I will try everyday to think in words of love…no matter what my fate

hoping the words of love I find…will overcome my hate…


I hope someday to discover within my heart the words I’m searching for…

For hate has won this battle…but I can’t let it win the war. 


Perhaps if words of love, instead of bombs, were falling from the sky

then love will finally vanquish hate…and no more Daddies have to die.


Yes, hate has left me with a scar and my dreams shall now be haunted…

but I will look for love, because…


because that’s what Daddy would have wanted.