“I love you Mommy!” said the young boy as he climbed upon her knee

which brought his mother endless joy as she held him tenderly.


She decided as he she held him near to give her son a little quiz

So she gently whispered in his ear…can you tell me what love is? 


“What is love?” he shrugged

“I think it’s a lot of things.

It’s all those times that we have hugged.

It’s the lullabies you sing.”


“It’s like how when I’m with you,” he said

everything feels right…

Like how when you tuck me into bed

you kiss my head goodnight.”


“It’s like how you know just the right words to say…

how I never have to ask you why

you hold me in a different way

when I laugh or when I cry.”


“I guess in some ways love is a prize

we give each other every day.”

Then he looked into his Mother’s eyes and asked

“Did I answer it OK?”


“Did you answer it OK?” she smiled,

as tears her vision blurred…

“When it comes TO a definition of love my child,

that’s the best one I’ve ever heard.”

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nothing wrong with a good

nothing wrong with a good morning love poem or a silly love song.  It's what makes the world go round.