I know it's been too long ago

I won't remember how it felt

Filling my head fast are echoes

Then scenes remind me how I fell


We are here in the middle of the road

We don't care if cars pass us by and go

I'm  with my friends and you're all alone

Your gaze then tells me things I don't know


After a lot of smiles and luck,

God knows you caught me real undone

All my walls fell unguarded

One long shot and I dropped dead


I see us again in a large hall

Agreeing on a thing we kept secret

After my class we go for a walk

Fighting over a text message you sent


It had been always like that

But tonight I keep my hopes so high

I pray everything will be alright

Still I see me go home sad


The last night went very awful

You walked me home with no closure

The next day I felt I was sued

Watched all of it plunge with no cure


They were just like yesterday

I recall the accounts all too well

Even your sweet, devious smile and scent

I see all of them today

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about things I experienced 3 years ago but they were all "UNFORGOTTEN"

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