Turning back time

I woke up in the morning with a gleeful smile

Prepared to perform my task for today

I asked myself is it worthwhile?

If I was warned, I would have walked away


The actions you took led to this

Now all that is left is to reminisce

I never knew it would end in tragedy

I just wished it ended more happily


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost a friend after asking her to prom as friends.

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Musical Arrangement

I can taste the sound of laughter,

Like molasses on my tongue,

Like the sun is heard in chorus,

Childlike and full of fun,

When I touch the sight of scarlet,

It feels smooth against my skin,

And the smell of fresh pink hyacinth,

Hangs noodles down my chin.

A snowflake softly graces the wind,

A raindrop meets a lake,

If synesthesia ruled the world,

We might all be chocolate cake.


© 2012

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