In the wake of another senseless tragedy,

all to commonplace today,

It’s hard to know what one should do

or find the right words to say.


I do know when sadness overtakes us 

it’s easy to lose sight

how we spend half our life in the light of day

and half in the dark of night.


When we are steeped in sadness,

when we think darkness will forever stay

the moon and stars provide us hope

and help to light our way.


And don’t ignore the evening primrose

or the jasmine shining bright

or the moonflower or the water lilies…

which only bloom at night.


Reminders that even in our darkest moments

seeds of hope and love can be sown.

Reminders that even when surrounded by sadness

you…are not alone


I hope anyone who is sad today

will try hard not to lose sight…

will remember all the people who love you…


and how daylight follows night.

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Verse 1:
What I show is only a small fraction

Of what I truly feel about you.

Do you remember when we first met?

I still remember it,

Those words you promised me.


Don't worry, it's safer here in my arms.

'Cause we belong together.

From the beginning,

I knew you were attracted to me.

Magnetism - strong attraction towards each other. 


Verse 2:

Tell me, where do we go from here?

I'm drawn to you like a magnet.

It's magnetism. I lose control.

Whenever you are around, I become predictable.

Keep me hanging on. It's magnetism.


In the beginning, yo were drawn to me.

I can feel our love in the air.

It's magnetism. We're drawn to each other like magnets.

Law of attraction - Likes repel. Opposites attract.

We're so far away. So similiar yet so different.


Let's start from here.

Forget about the past.

Out of all the promises

We couldn't seem to keep,

I want to make you mine.
It's magnetism. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about being so strongly attracted to someone that you would make him/her his by doing anything for him/her. It could mean being the better person, changing for the better (i.e giving up partying, clubbing, etc), etc just to be with him/her and see him/her smile...

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Rough Draft play on words

Abuse them and use them to manipulate and motivate

but look at me i’m coming with no estate

words are all that i have so i wont inflate

how i feel on the real not here to steal what i lost.

but just a date is all i want all i wanted to navigate from this state

im stuck baby no license plate

i dont belong not my fate

so please dont send me in a crate along the interstate

you know i am so delicAte, this aint no watergate

im just here to push you higher just levitate

i will clean my shit, wont hesitate, rejuvinate

im not saying reciprocate

but let me demonstrate

that we can originate

mistakes wont replicate

you say you hate me, try and assasinate

you should know our love will never dissapate

im not saying this for the reputate

but i wish we would never seperate

im scared of when we graduate

so is it too late to tell you that my shit is straight?

with us, we fluctuate

Any chance you’re still my soul mate


if you are, how bout that date?

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The white plain surrounds me, and, as I stumble around in a state of despair,

 I knew.

I knew I shouldn’t have run away.

A blizzard was coming.  I could feel it.

So, I dug myself a hole.

As I sat in my hole, I rooted around for my matchsticks and kindling in my bag.

‘I sure hope this works’, I thought to myself

As I struck the matchsticks again and again, I listened to the howling of the wind.

After I got my pitiful fire started, I got my cup and bread out of my knapsack

I packed snow into my cup and put it by the “fire”

As I picked at the bread,

I drank the melted snow water.

It slid down my throat like an electric eel through the water.

I huddled as close to the fire as I could, and as I did, I took a deep inhale.

The minty oxygen reached to the inner depths of my soul and chilled me to the bone.

I thought about my decision about running away.

Why had I even done it?

It didn’t matter anymore.  I knew they would come looking for me.

So I waited

And waited

And waited.

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The light shines bright on my enticed thoughts 

Where darkness once governed with an iron fist

Lays a tiny sliver of hope that feeds on the embers

A fire that once desecrated all that it touched 

Can now rejuvenate the sanctity of defeated purpose

If ever a blaze doth ignite my conscious will endure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first post.

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