There is a reason I love to walk as the ebony night turns to grey

a reason I love to witness the birth of another day.


I have always had this feeling as each new day’s begun

an overwhelming feeling of hope that, in me, rises with the sun.


Hope…that joy and happiness will somehow find a way

to wipe out the hate and bigotry…and our tears from yesterday.


Hope that we will be accepting…hope that love will conquer hate.

Hope that wars and bloodshed will end and peace we will create.


What helps refresh this hope that each new morning brings…

Is the moment when I’m out walking and the birds begin to sing.


For just as I believe with each sunrise my hope has a rebirth

I believe the voices of the birds trumpet a hope that’s in the Earth.


My hope is linked into the Earth’s…for as long as to hope she’s clinging

Her trees will grow, her flowers will bloom and her birds will continue singing.


Which is the reason I love to walk in the morning…silent…without words…

waiting for Earth’s first sign of hope…with the singing of the birds.

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Now that is Joy! 

Now that is Joy!