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  Every day I m born with sunrise; I die with sunset

  I got tears of blood in my eye, and it’s just an onset

  Every breath I took without you, I’ve smothered

The misery u put me through;

  Every moment my heart gets slaughtered.

 Whether I live or die, I know u never bothered

But every ignorance u made;

In cold blood, I’m murdered.

Every birth I’ve took I urged god just for u

              Every wishes I made, has came back to me all the way through

            Every era I lived; thousand renascences I made

        I’ve craved just for u

         Either I will live with u or I will die without u.

Every second I think of u, wounds get deeper

Shadows stopped walking with me, when darker.

Verses turn into ash, dying is simpler;

Living has become costly; life has become cheaper.

     Every thought of u haunts me with thousands words unsaid,

  Leaving behind so many questions in my head,

I’ll wait for u, till I end with miserable life u made

U can give all your answers when I m dead…




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my poem.....i have written from bottom of my heart ,,,,i want my words shuld reach to everybody on this planet....



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Rain drown my pain

The night is cold, the rain falls from the stars


My head is hurting , the thoughts won't stop, the tears make scars


The scars are deep in my chest and your face burns on my soul .


I hope this rain is enough for me to drown, I can't fight anymore I won't pretend I can forgive you.


You have the life you wanted now and have the pain in my heart , I just want to lie on the floor, let the misery and hurt drift away as the star soaked rain fills my lungs until I can't feel anymore





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Hearts don't break even

Hearts don't break even,  you dont love me anymore


You ordered me out of the door , the home I worked so hard to give you.


The next day somebody else is there , watching my tv, sitting on my sofa, talking with you, your hairs a mess your clothes are on the floor.


What have you done, my hearts broken, my world's shattering, pieces of our life are crushed like glass and thrown away


This whole time you've made a fool of me , my love was always real , I gave you everything I had and all I asked for in return was a life with you.


You just laugh at me as the tears fall from my eyes , I hate you both so much . How could I have loved you so blindly when right now all my heart is dying .










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 My scars being open  
You just pour more alcohol  
My heart's just been sunken.   
You stand up all tall.  
 My mind dreading the love I felt.  
You contemplating the hate for me.   
Watching my feelings all just melt.
While you just keep living on with glee.  
My body weary and in need of your love.   
But you can't see what's happening above.   
Me trying to fly like a dove.   
You can't even keep your hands off them gloves.   
My understanding being of a simple mind.   
Yours of a thousand complications. 
We can't just leave it all behind.  
Not when you have all them accusations.   
My mind racing of all possibilities
You come up and count opportunities.   
Me, always in worry.   
You come out & say you're sorry.
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The one who cared

Breaking slowly 

The cracks begin to show
Not every word has been spoken
The words are silenced 
The blood flows away. 
A heart left 
Shattered in bits.
Crumbling between the fingertips. 
Life is draining.
Slowly away
If one soul cared 
To share what they knew,
No more to die 
No more to break. 
The life 
Given one more try 
A whisper in the night
Saying " try once more" 
The wounds are healing
But scars remain 
To show 
That we have changed 
Someone came into 
This life of ours 
Showed the love that no one could supply. 
Here and now
The light begins to fade 
A long lived life 
Not feeling the same
Holding the scars we drift away
A peaceful night
To a graceful day 
End of life, 
For the ones who cared. 
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the pain I feel is unbearable it is so unbelievable its like I got stabbed over and over again if I knew pain will hurt like this i ,promise you I will never have put my heart out there to get hurt,I can't stand it I can't handle it I need someone to help me , the pain is something that will never go away its there  is like your left arm just got cut off what a rusty unsharpened saw,I see myself singing a song with each broken note I can't even hit each note right that's how my pain feel that I can't seem to shake, 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 rules and the

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No longer rejoicing

All I want is peace.
That my words to you are music.
You say that my statements clash?
That they are opposing?
You, with lips of crimson,
Solemnly rejoicing.
Even though I was rejoicing.
I thought I could lead you to peace,
To help turn crimson into white,
But my words are just distasteful music.
My words opposing?
It seems we are at a clash.
Our first clash.
You are not rejoicing.
For what I write is opposing.
I just want peace.
To again hear sweet music.
To see the sun set, and the sky crimson.
To once again dance with a dress of crimson,
But we clash.
Like misplayed notes in music.
There is no rejoicing.
There is for this soul, no peace.
Our forces opposing.
Our chemistry opposing.
How your words cut me as blood stains my skin crimson.
How your words give me no peace. 
Like swords they clash.
For it feels the angels are no longer rejoicing.
There is no music.
An empty void, and in my heart, no music.
For we are two souls opposing.
No longer together, rejoicing.
A heart once vibrant crimson,
Is now black. We clash.
Will we ever again find peace?
No longer is there peace in music.
Our words clash. We are opposing.
Here I lay in a puddle of crimson. No longer rejoicing.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enough with the contradictory statements. They don't amount to anything.

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The Sound of Rain

The sound of the rain

You hear on the roof

The sound of my heart

You’ll just totally ignore


My life is simple

Or it used to be

Till I met you

Complex as it can be


I loved you fully

But that was never enough

I was with another

Without any love


The other woman

You were never meant to be

But I won’t stop loving you

God I wish I was free


This life is hard

Complex it is

My heart broken

It will never mend

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fuck you

now that i know you are ok after i have been so worried about you that i have not been able to hold down anything i have eaten i can say..... fuck you. you fuck asshole. i thought we were close enough thaat you could have told me you were having second thoughts or that you were not sure about this. i could have taken it. it would have hurt but i would have been able to deal with it. i cant believe i thought you loved me i should have known better then to let myself  love you. to be trying to find a way to move up there and be with you. i cant believe i had decided that it would be good for me to leave my family for you.  i cant believe how stupid you make me look. four years four fucking years i ave loved you. i have stood by you. been whatever you needed. how fucking stupid am i?

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