The one who cared

Breaking slowly 

The cracks begin to show
Not every word has been spoken
The words are silenced 
The blood flows away. 
A heart left 
Shattered in bits.
Crumbling between the fingertips. 
Life is draining.
Slowly away
If one soul cared 
To share what they knew,
No more to die 
No more to break. 
The life 
Given one more try 
A whisper in the night
Saying " try once more" 
The wounds are healing
But scars remain 
To show 
That we have changed 
Someone came into 
This life of ours 
Showed the love that no one could supply. 
Here and now
The light begins to fade 
A long lived life 
Not feeling the same
Holding the scars we drift away
A peaceful night
To a graceful day 
End of life, 
For the ones who cared. 
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