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An endless struggle

My life is a long struggle

To achieve my goals

To endure the endless pain

I continue to walk the path

That is filled with many traps

A continous search,

to find my love

that'll love me for my imperfection.




Grey skies match the feeling behind my melancholy eyes,

reflecting the soul of someone who has never been whole,

craving to be what others desire and longing for someone to admire,

I drown in an ocean filled with pain and sink deeper into the abyss I have made,

Swimming to the top to get some air, I'm always one stroke away but never there,

Hoping, praying for the end to come; God just laughs and bites his thumb, 

I begin to think how the abyss is much like me; lonely, dark, and with no company,

Turning from the surface I begin to fade and sink down into the abyss I have made.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Really needed to get this out. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

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Free Me

Some advance in absence cause

Forgoten reason to present pause

From mouth of thoughts to be

Free me, Free me


Absent mind and forgetful ear

Deserving heart topped with fear

Still split words at bended knee

Free me, Free me


Absent regret a world within walls

Moving through winding vacant halls

Life continues and memmories bleed

Free me, Free me


Forging steel to reply advance

Trickful words as defencive stance

Intentions left to bear but greed

Free me, Free me


A tale of misfortune guiding wind

We move to sail and not sink within

Yet by conclussion our hearts still plea

Free me, Free me


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