Just know when you're lost.

I know your smile is fake.

I see through your lies.

Your eyes are full of hate.

You've lost track of time.

I know you are sad.

I see it everyday.

You've lost what you had.

You never know what to say.

You're scared to get close.

You always say you're fine.

You don't want them to know.

That you'll never be alright.

You think no one understands.

That you'll always be alone.

I know you're reaching for a hand.

Your heart is dark and cold.

Your thoughts have been racing.

You don't know what to do.

You blame all the problems you're facing,

On no one but you.

But it's not your fault,

It never will be.

Just know when you're lost.

You'll always have me.

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If You Were With Me

Caught Up your smile and running out
I’m leaving and I’m hoping
You back with me; unweeping my tears
Kicking all my fears and kissing me there
Get your voice back; if you make the unfazed memories unsleeve
Just kill the pain; just stop the rain; just love me as much as you can
Let make these moment blissful
I dedicate my life for you
I’ll always be with you, as far as I’m living, and you know I live my life for you
Get your love back and you make this moment as precious as world
I can go on; dearly beloved,
I despise all the things that was unfair
I can stop ma tears; with you and me in this life heal out every pain and distress
You Know
I dedicate my life for you
I’m laughing’ and I’m thinking you
If this can be true and you are with me;
I can give everything just for you
Please come back
I’m waiting you; life seems barren without you
Bide with me……. Bide with me….
I am waiting looking for you…….

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