When she was young…just a little girl

when life was more innocent and free

she believed in castles in the sky

in fairy tales…and fantasy.


She believed from the sparks of a campfire fireflies were born

She believed in happy endings

in mermaids and unicorns… 


She believed in houses made from gingerbread

that every sentence ended in rhyme

She believed rubbing a lamp could summon a genie

She believed long hair she could climb.


When she was young she believed in Santa Claus.

She believed her grandparents lived in a world of black and white.

She believed in the magic of a kiss.

She believed her blanket would protect her at night.


When she was young she’d play outside for hours.

She’d come home with scraped up knees.

She believed she could see the entire world when she climbed to the top of a tree.


And when she grew up she still believed… 

In happy endings..in fantasy…and play

but the duties and responsibilities of life often got in the way…


Which is why now that she is older

she loves to find moments when her fantasies are reborn…

moments when she revisits her fairy tales…


and finds her unicorn.

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The man had always seen the dolphin in his tree…he never had a doubt

and using a chain saw when that live oak died…he let that dolphin out.


You see his parents used to love the stars…they’d sit for hours enjoying the view

and through the myths and legends they told to him….he learned to love them too.


But of all the stories they related…none of them was greater 

than the one about the constellation Delphinus…

(found just north of the equator).


This story took place a long time ago…in the 7th century BC:

It seems Arion, a wealthy court musician, was on his way back from Sicily.


when the crew of the ship he was on…unconcerned for Arion’s health

conspired against the musician…to relieve him of his wealth.


The crew offered Arion a choice…with no place for him to flee…

they would kill him where he stood or he could fling himself into the sea.


Deciding to throw himself overboard…and knowing he didn’t have long

Arion asked his captors…if he could sing a song.


So beautiful was his singing…so sad and hypnotic to the ear

that a pod of dolphins out of nowhere gathered round…to hear.


and when Arion finally flung himself into the sea…according to folklore

a dolphin, charmed by the beauty of his singing, carried him to shore….


The God, Apollo, as a reward for saving Arion from a certain death at sea

found that dolphin a place among the stars…for all eternity.


Today that man continues to see that dolphin 

as he enjoys the stars in an evening breeze

and he no longer wonders why he also sees them

among the rocks, in the clouds…in the trees…


For he knows it goes back to those quiet nights

and the part his parents played in his creation...

in opening of a young boy’s mind


and the birth of his imagination.

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“What is that Mommy?” the young girl asked pointing and stopping to stare…

“That’s a Fairy Circle.” Mom whispered. “The fairies live under there.”


“It occurs when a shooting star streaks in front of the the moon after an evening storm.

It’s the only time this doorway between our two worlds is formed.”


“Most of the time fairies live underground…

but when the circle is created they seize their chance.

to enter into our world and around this circle…they dance.”


“Legend has it fairies love to dance…love to feel the beat

and when they tire from all that dancing they use the mushrooms as their seats.”


“If you’re lucky enough to see them dance,” mom continued…

then you will be forever blessed

with a life of good health and joy…of contentment and happiness.”


“Do you think we can see the fairies dance?” the young girl asked as she touched a mushroom stem.

“I’m not sure,” mom smiled…”for that is entirely up to them.”


“We’ll come back tonight while the moon is still full but let me warn you before we begin

we can’t see the fairies dancing…unless they invite us in.”


That night they walked together hand in hand 

behind a tree they hid….

and around the circle of mushrooms… 


that’s just what the fairies did?

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When he was but a boy in India…outside he would proceed

where he would sit for hours…and read…and read…and read…


He would always read alone…he did not like a crowd.

Sometimes he would read in silence and other times aloud.


One day as he was reading he noticed out of the corner of his eye

a baby elephant, by himself, innocently strolling by.


The boy kept reading out loud…the elephant seemed to me mesmerized,

and he gently sat down next to the boy…their height now equalized.


The little boy stopped reading and looked into the elephant’s eyes…

“An elephant who likes to read.” He said, “this is a big surprise?”


The elephant shook his head and his eyes began to glisten…

“I do not like to read.” He said.  “But I sure do like to listen.”


So everyday the boy would read…with an inward source of pride

to himself and to his elephant who was seated by his side.


And the boy would look up now and then…sometimes losing his place

just to see the sparkle in his elephant’s eyes and the smile on his face.


And this went on for many years filling each one of them with joy…

And they formed a special friendship…the elephant and the boy.


But little boys grow up up one day and baby elephants too…

Now that each one had a family of their own…their reading time was through…


But one day, walking together, happily they found

his son and his baby elephant…together on the ground….


As they thought how life had come full circle…their happy eyes were glistening


for his little boy was reading…and his baby elephant was listening…

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Azalia's Rebirth

A voice calls out to me
Death is near, I will see
I close my eyes visioning wretched dreams
Hearing agonizing screams
A demonic horde on the rise
Say goodbye it's time to die
All that is good is now burning
The holy position is turning
My faith was in ancient ways
No longer trapped, set the empires ablaze
Taking all the lives you need
Now it's time to plant the war seed
I was born an angle heaven-sent
Now fallen from grace the world will be bent
Combatant warriors ready now
My Behemoths shall make them bow
Deities and gods watch them be slaughtered
They will fall in vain
They had nothing to gain
This all started when you abandoned me
Washed me away from your family tree
I'm nobody's sacrifice
To protect myself I've became cold as ice
You've kept Lumians on their knees
They didn't know everything is not what it seems
Bearing my monstrous hate
I will pierce the skies of fate
Tell me are all the plans you made
Were they worth the price you paid
Do you have any shame
I guess not your the one's to blame
You used me as a pawn
Now it's time for me to bring a new dawn

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Treason Upon a King

You filthy bastards how you betray me
Raising your fist against me
Now no one is above suspicion
Destroying all senses of loyalty
Scorching a pulse of allegiance into grime
Bearing your corrupt mind breaking integrity
Letting the desire for gold births thievery acts
Commence a war, and crucify their misleading idols
Litter their villages with the corpses of deceivers
Agonizing dark times spoon-fed ignorance
Inheriting the naive tendencies
Slay these false prophets, only to drown in their Sodom wings
Bearing sins of flesh, disarming the world

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Lucy Elfen Lied

Times of messianic past
Human dominant sentiment will not last
Try but you will not stand
Evolved species arise
With vectors the weak's eyes and throat will bleed
This is a start of a new breed
Bow down to the Diclonius queen
You will be put to rest
Mutation virus spreads, expectations are met
Pray with your cult-like beliefs, the world is shaken
The oni will surpass as they lose control
Destructive instincts take over
Limbs burst in the air
Cities consumed in fire
Baptized in blood
You’re going nowhere
A change is here, you’re born to die, I saw this coming
Consumed by hate, consumed by fear, the tables are turning
This is evolution
Your words are laced in hell, chaos blasphemy,
Damned contempt, paved the streets with severed heads
Things have gotten out of hand, apocalyptic serenity
This is the begging of a rebirth     

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Lack of emphatic, deemer of the weak
In the icy plain feelings of desolation, embedded to the cowards
The fallen lie in the snow of red and white
Laded deceased as the wind blows cold
Ravage the unworthy, scourge them with pain
No qualms to stay under the grey sky
No wrath greater than that of the Ice queen
Their lungs grow frozen collapsing in fear
Cold nature sadist control
With Teigu, she is whispering abyssal kill
Mother of all that is battle, can you feel the madness drawing near
Wreaking havoc on the unjustified
Crumbled fragments of lost souls
Possessor of demon extractions
Lead with power, lead with kiru, lead with manipulation
Time and space controlled by god
Rapider wielding slayer
Victims decomposing in the freeze

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The End of the World

A fable by Jesus Guerrero & Luis Macias.

There was a time when animals ruled the primitive world, until another superior race surfaced, the humans. From there on out animals lost more and more land and power until they ended up being just kept as attractions for humans’ amusement. Until one day a group of brave animals --after years and years of mistreatment from the humans-- decided to something about it. Deer, who lived for a very long time inside a dreadful place where humans had kept him against his will tried several times to escape that awful place, but all of his attempts ended up in failure.

One day, tired of all this nonsense, he called up a meeting with the other animals to end up their captivity. Duck, Peacock, and Squirrel joined him, as they well also irritated by the years and years of oppression the humans had convicted them to. They plotted an attack against the humans, but little did they know that they had one more animal to convince in order to win, and it was the most friendly animal to the humans, Cat. Cat did not liked this plan, as the humans had always been good and kind to him, they treated him almost like royalty and he was not going to give this up in order to help the other animals be ‘free’.

So one day at a gathering Peacock suggested --We must convince Cat to join us in our revolution-- to which Duck responded --Peacock is right, without him we are completely nothing--. Squirrel on the other hand said --No, Cat must die in order for us to win-- he continued --If he dies the humans will see that we mean business--. Deer was torn between these opinions, he did not know who to listen, but as a leader he had to do what was best for them.

Deer meditated thoroughly. The day of the Revolution the Deer made a speech in which he said --Friends, there has come a time to end this tyranny. We must unite together to put an end to this oppression. Humans have done nothing for us, yet they hurt us, they keep us locked, they kill our children, and even eat them-- he followed --But this ends now, we are at war against this so called “superior” species. Kill whomever comes into your way, show no mercy, for they have not shown it to us.-- Cat, who was looking from a distance heard the wise words and was so moved by them he decided to join them.

The animals did a heroic job, they triumphed gloriously against the humans, as they did not expected the attack. They recovered the land that had been stolen from them and they were finally happy. The few humans that survived were confined to prison and left them alone to starve, just as the animals had been left. The world was over for any human living creature.

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