When she was young…just a little girl

when life was more innocent and free

she believed in castles in the sky

in fairy tales…and fantasy.


She believed from the sparks of a campfire fireflies were born

She believed in happy endings

in mermaids and unicorns… 


She believed in houses made from gingerbread

that every sentence ended in rhyme

She believed rubbing a lamp could summon a genie

She believed long hair she could climb.


When she was young she believed in Santa Claus.

She believed her grandparents lived in a world of black and white.

She believed in the magic of a kiss.

She believed her blanket would protect her at night.


When she was young she’d play outside for hours.

She’d come home with scraped up knees.

She believed she could see the entire world when she climbed to the top of a tree.


And when she grew up she still believed… 

In happy fantasy…and play

but the duties and responsibilities of life often got in the way…


Which is why now that she is older

she loves to find moments when her fantasies are reborn…

moments when she revisits her fairy tales…


and finds her unicorn.

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