endless searching

Rocky Road

Step by step I take to see the skies,

Not understanding what my goal is,

Seeking, digging, searching for something more than all I have,

With pain I turn my head around,

Fearing, crying, sobbing to see myself where I once was,

Step by step I take in this deep fog,

It's better now, but the shadow of the past decides to follow,

Causing hell in mind and heart,

Who or what could help me now?

Step by step I take, to see a light,

Grabbing on to it for every second,

With hope that flames of hell will stop,

and an empty heart of mine one day will be enlightened,

but until that day, I deserve this suffer as a payment for my past.

Tomorrow will be better!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one that I felt like writing... 


love in many words 

a boy and girl 

a time of sweet temptation 

and roads that bend and swirl 

far into the future


up into the sky 

the visions climb so quickly 

isnt that how it goes?

a heart that glows until it burns out swiftly

as the path extends forever


into the mountains, the creek does wind 

pavement hungers to be 

as the layer of rock that binds 

but it's just a temporary fixture 


it only goes so far

extending to the edges

of the woods, the peaks, into the clouds 

that hold all of our false pledges 


the trees that feel us climb

never intervening when we fall 

letting unfortunate souls linger

until we've lost it all 

and end up wandering by the river 


calling out to strangers without names

that let us pass time 

and never hold us to our intentions 

while we cry and seek to rhyme 

the words we don't know we're saying


the past becomes our savior 

a place where the road seemed clearer

the great escape

remembering in ways that make the best seem nearer 

overshadowing what we're missing 


endless until the end 

left smiling from a distance

too far away to feel the pain

too tired for resistance 

left in forests of forever 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a summary of life and how love drives everything we do, the places we go, how we choose to live, and where we end up. 

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